Senior Academic, Research and Teaching Fellow Promotions 2013-14

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Congratulations to the following departmental staff who have been successful with academic and research promotions for 2013/14.  The promotions are effective 1st October 2014.

Dr Emmanuel Boucrot Awarded a Prestigious Lister Institute Research Prize

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Dr Emmanuel Boucrot, BBSRC David Phillips Fellow from SMB, has been awarded a prestigious Lister Institute Research Prize.

Biosciences staff win UCL Provost's Teaching Award 2014

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A warm congratulations to some of our Biosciences staff for winning one of the elite UCL Provost’s Teaching Awards for 2014.

Professor Christine Orengo elected member of EMBO

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Congratulations to Professor Christine Orengo who has been elected as a new member of EMBO in recognition of outstanding research in the life sciences.

Prof Ivan Gout receives BBSRC Responsive Research Grant

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Congratulations to Prof Ivan Gout, who has received an award of £474, 000 from BBSRC for the project 'Role of DNA Binding in the Regulation and Function of Ribosomal S6 Kinase 2'. £386k will be used by Prof Ivan Gout and £88k by his co-investigator Prof John Hartley in the Research Department of Oncology, UCL Cancer Institute.

Dr Saul Purton receives BBSRC funding for Network in Algal Biotechnology

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Congratulations to Dr Saul Purton, whose application for funding for a network in Algal Biotechnology has been accepted by the BBSRC to receive a 5 year award of £1.4M. The network is one of ten nationally to be awarded on the BBSRC's programme of industrial biotechnology and bioenergy funding announced earlier last year.

ISMB members awarded Wellcome Trust Sir Henry Dale Fellowships

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Congratulations to Drs Filipe Cabreiro and Alan Cheung, who have each been awarded a prestigious Wellcome Trust Sir Henry Dale Fellowship.

Dr Saul Purton awarded four BBSRC 4-year PhD Studentships

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Congratulations to Dr Saul Purton, who has received 4 BBSRC funded studentships for 2014/15 in response to his Strategic Longer and Larger (sLoLa) grant proposal.

Professor Perkins receives Alexion Pharmaceuticals grant

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Congratulations to Prof Steve Perkins, who has been awarded a grant of $98,733 for 6 months initially, from Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. The grant will fund one Post Doctoral Researcher.

Read more about the work of Prof Perkins Lab

Professor Waksman elected to German Academy of Sciences

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Professor Gabriel Waksman, Head of department and of the ISMB, has been elected to the German National Academy of Sciences or Leopoldina. His election is in recognition of his research into the structural and molecular biology of secretion systems in bacteria. These systems determine bacteria survival, adaptation and evolution, making them ideal targets for developing new antibiotics.

Election to the Leopoldina, the oldest continuously existing academy of medicine and the natural sciences in the world, is the highest academic honour awarded by a German institution. Its membership of 1,400 distinguished scholars is drawn from 30 countries and past members have included such eminent scientists as Marie Curie, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein and Max Planck.

Professor Waksman commented on his election: "I am delighted to have been elected to this prestigious academy. It not only recognises the quality of the work we've done over the years, but also, cements a strong relationship between my laboratory and laboratories in Germany."

Read more about the work of the Waksman Lab.

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