The SLMS communication team supports the University’s mission and helps the School achieve its core business objectives through strategic communications and public relations activities. 

We identify, establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders (both internal and external) on whom our success or failure depends and we manage the School’s reputation with the aim of earning understanding and support and influencing opinion. 

Main tasks

External communications

School publications

Accurate, well-designed publications are vital in helping SLMS’ constituents understand and recognise the school, its mission, vision, programmes and accomplishments.

The communications team has embarked on a series of publications that were carefully chosen to recognise core strengths. Publications that showcase some of the outstanding research being carried out within the School and with collaborators across UCL, in London, nationally and internationally have already been produced.


The communications team manages the SLMS webpages. We ensure that that the pages continue to project our strategic priorities. We keep the site current by ensuring news, events, podcasts are consistently updated.

Internal communications

SLMS bulletin

Effective internal communication is critical to the success of the Faculties, the School and UCL as an Institution. Newsletters remain the workhorse of internal communications. They allow us to combine ‘big picture’ messages with local messages and tailor them for specific audiences.

The communication team produces the SLMS bulletin every two weeks. The SLMS bulletin celebrates the School’s major strategic initiatives and its interdisciplinary research and partnership activity. It also includes outstanding research, teaching and enterprise that are of interest to the wider SLMS community.

Support and best practice

The SLMS communications team offers support and guidance to communication professionals within the Faculties and Divisions/Institutes. We also work with the UCL Communications and Marketing Office to ensure strategic alignment.

Internal only resources

UCL staff can access additional communication resources via the SLMS intranet

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