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SLMS Domains

Introducing the SLMS domains, for the alignment and presentation of the School’s strengths in Research, Partnerships, Knowledge Transfer and Education

If you have any queries relating to the domains that are not answered by the FAQs below, please email

Frequently asked questions…

Why are we introducing the SLMS domains?
What we achieve is all important, but our reputation is also affected by people’s perceptions of us, and hence the way we present ourselves. We also know that scientific breakthroughs (and retention and exploitation of new ideas) are more likely if interdisciplinarity is encouraged and facilitated, such that novel perspectives can be bought to bear. While the existing Research Themes have provided a valuable starting point, they do not fully depict the interdisciplinarity within SLMS. Of course, one could argue forever about the designation of the domains and the degree to which activity is salami sliced. However, following discussions at Faculty level, at the SLMS Research Board, and with the Vice-Provost (Research), the decision has been taken to limit the number of core domains to aid the projection of our core strengths.

Will my department or line manager change?
No, the line management and accountability of Institutes and Divisions is entirely unchanged by these arrangements. The domains will be supported by Coordinators (as is the case already for Neuroscience), and also by academic strategic leadership, to encourage interdisciplinarity and the development of the domains.

Will the website change?
As part of the domains project, we will be redeveloping the Research pages of the SLMS website. This will mean that the Research Themes that are currently used to structure the webpages will be replaced. While we understand that this may pose an inconvenience for some colleagues in the short-term, we hope that the SLMS domains will provide a more effective interface from which to locate colleagues and potential collaborative partners in the future, as well as projecting our core strengths (which embrace the previous thematic structure) to the wider world.

How many domains can I be in?
As many as you feel your area of activity is relevant to. More than one designation is very welcome and in a sense exemplifies the fact that these aren’t line management structures but a way of capturing interest and facilitating co-ordination across disciplines.

How will this affect me?
We only ask that colleagues start to think about where they best fit within the SLMS domains matrix! Remember, it can be in as many domains as you think appropriate.

When will the domains ‘go live’?
It is intended that each domain will be facilitated by a Domain Coordinator as is already the case for Neuroscience. Once these posts are established, it will be the Coordinators role to develop the domains. My hope is that the SLMS domains will then inform our coordination activities and media presentations as from the new academic year.

Is the domain structure final?
The structure has been agreed by the School Executive Group, Planning and Performance Committee and the Faculty Boards, and is believed to be the best reflection of our core strengths. However, as the domains are not “hard” line management structures, it is easy to evolve them over time.