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11 April 2017: The Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience’s Prof Uta Frith is elected as the next President of the British Science Association

Huge congratulations to Prof Uta Frith who has been announced as the next president for the British Science Association. The British Science Association is a charity who want to create a world where science is at the heart of society and culture through engaging more people with science.

Prof Frith will launch her presidency at the British Science Festival in September this year which will take place in Brighton. In her presidential address she will take about her currently favourite topic: what makes us social?  She will argue that humans have cooperated for millenia, precariously balancing trust and mistrust in others. The problem is to know where to place our trust as errors and biases beset not only our gut feelings but also our reasoning. Uta argues that diversity provides a solution for groups to overcome these biases to make the ‘right’ choices. 


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