Professor Helen Killaspy


Personal Profile

Name: Helen Killaspy Email:
Title: Professor Tel: 0207 679 9710
Department: Division of Psychiatry Fax:
Position: Professor of Rehabilitation Psychiatry Address: Charles Bell House, 67-73 Riding House Street, London, W1W 7EJ
Research Domain: Global Health, Neuroscience Web Page: Personal Web Page


Research Description

Helen Killaspy is Professor and Honorary Consultant in Rehabilitation Psychiatry. Her research focuses on services and interventions for people with complex mental health problems.

She is Chief Investigator for two major national programmes of research, both funded for five years through the National Institute of Health Research Programme Grants for Applied Research funding stream. The Rehabilitation Effectiveness for Activities for Life (REAL) project is a national study of inpatient mental health rehabilitation services across England which aims to identify the factors associated with better outcomes for users of these services. The programme will report its final results in April 2014. The second programme is also a national study across England investigating the quality and outcomes associated with specialist supported accommodation for people with mental health problems - the Quality and Effectiveness of Supported Tenancies (QuEST) project, which will report in 2017.

Professor Killaspy was joint Chief Investigator (with Professor Mike Crawford, Imperial College and Professor Di Waller, Goldsmith's College) for the first RCT to investigate the efficacy of group art therapy for people with a diagnosis of schizophrenia (the MATISSE Study) which was funded by the DH Heath Technology Assessment for four years from 2006.

From 2007 to 2010, she led a three year multicentre study funded by the European Commission (“DEMoBinc”) which successfully developed a toolkit to assess the quality of institutional care for people with longer term mental health problems in countries at different stages of deinstitutionalisation. A web based version of the toolkit (the Quality Indicator for Rehabilitative Care) was subsequently developed and is available in 10 languages at This standardised quality assessment tool has ben incorporated into the Royal College of Psychiatrists' AIMS-Rehab peer accreditation system for inpatient mental health rehabiliation units in the UK. 

In 2007 she co-founded the North London Service User Research Forum with Scott Stevens and Professor Michael King. The forum provides informed service user consultation for researchers and educates service users about all aspects of research.

From 1999 to 2004 she co-ordinated the REACT study, the first RCT in the UK to investigate clinical and cost-effectiveness of assertive community treatment for people with serious mental illnesses. The results were published in the BMJ in 2006 and in 2007 she was awarded the Association of European Psychiatrists’ research prize for this paper.

Research Activities

Development of a European Measure of Best Practice for People with Long Term Mental Illness in Institutional Care

Social and Community Psychiatry

mental health services research in relation to rehabilitation services, and therapeutic interventions for difficult to treat service user groups

Education Description

UCL Collaborators

Prof Michael King; Prof Paul Bebbington; Dr Caroline Wood; Prof Sonia Johnson; Prof Steve Pilling; Dr Jamie Brown; Dr David Osborn

External Collaborators



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