Prof Robin Weiss


Personal Profile

Name: Robin Weiss Email:
Title: Prof Tel: +44 (20) 3108 2137
Department: Div of Infection & Immunity Fax: +44 (02) 3108 2123
Position: Professor of Virol Oncology Address: Cruciform Building, Gower Street, London, London, WC1E 6BT
Research Domain: Global Health, Infection, Immunology & Inflammation, Personalised Medicine Web Page: Personal Web Page


Research Description

Our laboratory mainly addresses the immune response to HIV and why no successful vaccine to HIV has yet been developed. We work on antibodies to HIV particularly those that neutralize the infectivity of the virus. We work with phage libaries derived from single-chain antibodies of llamas among other antibodies. We are also interested in the cell tropism and virulence of HIV, and in human genetic factors that determine the risk of infection by HIV and the rate of progression to AIDS. We have also adapted techniques used to study HIV neutralizing antibodies to other emerging virus infections in particular SARS, H5N1 influenza and rabies. I take an interest in the history of the appearance of human infectious diseases and the impact that they have had in the past and may well in the future. Our research is funded by the MRC, the European Union and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Research Activities

Humoral immunity to HIV, emerging infections

cellular factors in virus infection

Education Description

Lectures and seminars to undergraduates and postgraduates on the above topics.

UCL Collaborators

Dr Ariberto Fassati; Prof Stephen Caddick; Dr Yasu Takeuchi; Prof Chris Boshoff; Prof Paul Kellam

External Collaborators



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