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Name: Jacqueline Nicholls Email: j.nicholls@ucl.ac.uk
Title: Dr Tel: 0207 288 3373
Department: CHIME Fax:
Position: Senior Lecturer Address: , , ,
Research Domain: Populations & Lifelong Health Web Page:  


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    • Potts HWW, Keen J, Denby T, Featherstone I, Patterson D, Anderson J, Greenhalgh T, Colligan L, Bark P, Nicholls J, Shah A, Swinglehurst D, Wong G, Martin C, Blandford A (2011). Towards a better understanding of delivering e-health systems: a systematic review using the meta-narrative method and two case studies.


    • Nicholls J (2005). Implications to date. , , 306 - 310.