Dr Deborah Gill


Personal Profile

Name: Deborah Gill Email: deborah.gill@ucl.ac.uk
Title: Dr Tel: 0207 679 0942
Department: UCL Medical School Fax:
Position: Clinical Senior Lecturer Address: 74 Huntley Street Building, UCL Medical School, London, WC1E 6AU
Research Domain: Web Page:  


Research Description

I am a professor of Medical Education at UCL Medical School.

I am an active teacher and education scholar. 

My education research is focused on the following areas:
-Professionalism and professional formation
-The support of novices in clinical learning environments
-Peer assisted learning
-Educator development

I am a Doctor of Education (EdD) as well as a doctor of medicine. My EdD research focused on the factors impacting on professional identity formation of novice doctors.

Research Activities

Educational Research

Medical Education

Education Description

I have a long history as an educator and education scholar within the Medical School at UCL and am involved in a wide range of curriculum innovation and development activities and was  implementation lead for the ambitious MBBS 2012 project. I am also involved in faculty development activities that support medical teachers and education supervisors.   I am currently interim director of the Medical School with leadership responsibility for over 2,000 undergraduates and almost 100 postgraduate students. In my role as a lead consultant in the UCL Medical School Education Consultancy (MSEC), I play an international role in driving up medical education planning and delivery globally.

I am a senior Fellow of The Higher Education Academy.

UCL Collaborators

Prof Jane Dacre; Dr Henry Potts; Dr Anita Berlin; Dr William Coppola; Dr Dan Furmedge; Dr Alison Sturrock; Dr Ann Griffin; Dr Katherine Woolf; Dr Scott Rice; Dr Sophie Park

External Collaborators

Dr Tareq Abouharb; Dr Catherine O'keefe; Dr Viv Cook; Prof Olwyn Westwood



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