Dr William Coppola


Personal Profile

Name: William Coppola Email: w.coppola@ucl.ac.uk
Title: Dr Tel: 020 7830 2239
Department: Primary Care & Population Health Fax: 020 7794 1224
Position: Senior Clinical Lecturer / Honorary Senior Academic General Practioner Address: Dept Primary Care and Population Health, Royal Free Campus, Rowland Hill Street, London, NW3 2PF
Research Domain: Populations & Lifelong Health Web Page:  


Research Description

Use of student evaluations, feedback and quality systems in medical education

Use of peer assessment in medical students

Previous work on stroke prevention in primary care, including a risk score for stroke, educational intervention in primary care for doctors, review of clinical practice in primary care.

Research Activities

Education research

Educational Research

Educational Research

Education Description

  • Academic lead for Vertical Modules,
  • Module lead for Synthesis and professional practice, Student Selected Components, and Portfolio
  • Year 5 lead, Community-based teaching: Women's Health, Child and Family Health, Mental Health, Dermatology
  • UCL Medical School, Sub-Dean E-Learning
  • Student support tutor

UCL Collaborators

Dr Deborah Gill; Dr Anita Berlin; Dr Alison Sturrock; Dr Dan Furmedge; Dr Ann Griffin; Dr Katherine Woolf; Dr Sophie Park

External Collaborators

Dr Tareq Abouharb; Dr Catherine O'keefe; Dr Viv Cook; Prof Olwyn Westwood



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