Dr Jane Biddulph


Personal Profile

Name: Jane Biddulph Email: jane.biddulph@ucl.ac.uk
Title: Dr Tel: 020 7679 1794
Department: Epidemiology & Public Health Fax:
Position: Lecturer Address: Research Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, 1-19 Torrington Place, London, WC1E 6BT
Research Domain: Cancer, Cardiometabolic Science, Neuroscience, Personalised Medicine, Populations & Lifelong Health, Reproduction & Development Web Page:  


Research Description

Main research interests are related to cognition, mental health, and cancer. The applications of complex analytical techniques to explore survey data are other areas of interest, and stems from the mathematical background that Jane possesses.

Jane was awarded a PhD scholarship at the Institute of Cancer Research: Royal Cancer Hospital, which led to the development of mathematical models of the natural history of colon and rectal adenocarinoma and their use to predict the effect of different screening strategies. She obtained a PhD degree from the Institute of Cancer Research in 1998.

Research publications have included those on the epidemiology of chronic diseases, and the development and application of mathematical models.

Currently, involved in projects utilising data from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA), Health Survey for England (HSE), and PRO-AGE (PRevention in Older people - Assessment in GEneralists' practices).

Research Activities

cancer epidemiology and screening

cognitive epidemiology

health impact assessment

mathematical models

mental health

natural history of chronic diseases or conditions

Education Description

Primary or secondary supervisor of PhD students within the Institute, and contributes to MSc programmes within the Department, and the public health curriculum within the MBBS.

Welcomes enquiries from potential PhD students interested in :
- health inequalities within ageing populations (longitudinal survey data and analyses);
- investigation of predictors for chronic diseases/conditions;
- natural history of and mortality from chronic diseases/conditions;
- cancer, cognitive, and mental health epidemiology.


UCL Collaborators

External Collaborators



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