Prof Nora Groce


Personal Profile

Name: Nora Groce Email:
Title: Prof Tel: 0044 207 679 4518
Department: Epidemiology & Public Health Fax: 0044 207 388 2291
Position: Leonard Cheshire Chair of Disability and Inclusive Development Address: 4 Taviton Street, London, London, WC1H 0BT
Research Domain: Global Health, Populations & Lifelong Health Web Page: Personal Web Page


Research Description

A medical anthropologist, I work on issues of global health, international development and human rights, with particular focus on global disability issues. My research over the years has concentrated on vulnerable groups, with attention to the interface between persons with disability and access to adquate health care and inclusion in international development programs.

Research Activities

Cross-Cultural Issues in Health

Global Disability

Global health

Health and Development

Intellectual Disabilities

Street Mobility and Network Accessibility

Education Description

UCL Collaborators

Prof Muki Haklay; Mr Ashley Dhanani; Prof Peter Jones; Dr Jenny Mindell; Dr Andre Strydom; Dr Shepley Orr; Dr Sadie Boniface; Prof Laura Vaughan; Dr Paulo Anciaes; Dr Shaun Scholes; Dr Katrina Scior; Prof Adrian Furnham

External Collaborators



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