Dr Louise Cramer


Personal Profile

Name: Louise Cramer Email: l.cramer@ucl.ac.uk
Title: Dr Tel: 0044 20 7679 7260
Department: MRC/UCL Lab for Molecular Cell Bio Fax:
Position: Senior Research Fellow Address: , , ,
Research Domain: Basic Life Sciences Web Page:  


Research Description

The Cramer lab studies cytoskeleton mechanisms in cell polarity and cell migration. Cell migration is essential for life; required throughout embryo development, and for tissue repair and immunity in both the embryo and the adult. It also contributes to several important diseases, including inflammatory diseases, mental retardation and the spread of cancer. Determining molecular mechanisms controlling cell migration thus promises to provide effective therapeutic strategies for treating disease. The Cramer lab studies how migrating cells reach new territory and how they polarize to activate motility, focusing on activity of actin filament and myosin II proteins that drive these processes. We recently discovered a new mechanism of cell migration – where motility is initiated from the cell rear instead of the cell front. We also recently identified a new process where actin filament disassembly drives cell rear retraction.


Research Activities

Cytoskeleton Mechanisms in Cell Polarity and Cell Migration

Education Description

Dr. Louise Cramer is Cell Biology Tutor for the Cell Biology Stream of the MRes Biosciences masters programme (for division of Biosciences, faculty of Life Sciences). Louise is also developing a new MSc in Molecular Cell Biology (for division of MRC-Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology, faculty of Life Sciences). She also teaches on several second and third year undergraduate modules within the faculty of Life Science and hosts undergraduate project and masters students at the MRC-LMCB. She also organizes and teaches part of the taught element of the MRC-LMCB PhD 4-year programme. Louise is chair of the equipment committee and responsible for teaching on the graduate programme committee (division of MRC-LMCB) and on the teaching committee for MRes Biosciences (division of Biosciences).

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