Dr Nikhil Thapar


Personal Profile

Name: Nikhil Thapar Email: n.thapar@ucl.ac.uk
Title: Dr Tel:
Department: ICH - Neural Development Unit Fax:
Position: Clinician Scientist Address: , , ,
Research Domain: Basic Life Sciences, Personalised Medicine, Populations & Lifelong Health, Reproduction & Development Web Page: Personal Web Page


Research Description

Dr Thapar leads a research programme studying the pathogenesis and treatment of gut motility disorders with a particular focus on improving diagnosis, understanding the molecular and genetic mechanisms underlying such disorders as well as the developing novel therapies including stem cells and gut tissue engineering. The team have been responsible for improved diagnostics and have made significant progress in the understanding of normal and aberrant development of the enteric neuro-musculature and development of stem cell therapies for gut disease.

Research Activities

Better understand normal and abnormal development of the neuromuscular components of the gastrointestinal tract.

Development of novel stem cell-based therapies for aganglionic gut disorders

Development of the enteric neuromusculature

Enteric Nervous System Stem Cells

Normal and abnormal development of the neuromuscular components of the gut

Novel therapies for gut disorders/diseases

Education Description

Dr Thapar is keenly involved in undergraduate and postgraduate education. He is for teaching medical students and leads SSC sessions in paediatric gastroenterology. He is a lecturer for the professional paediatric postgraduate exams (MRCPCH) and involved in courses for both MRCPCH part 1 and 2. Dr Thapar is a founder and co-executive director of the Academy of Paediatric Gastroenterology (www.a-p-g.org), one of the largest initiatives for the education of the multidisciplinary clinical team involved in the care of paediatric gastroenterology patients. The academy runs approximately 10 courses every year from parent education days through to specialist courses for paediatric gastroenterologists and includes both face-to-face teaching courses as well as online learning. He is co-lead and module director for paediatric gastroenterology for UCL's MSc in Paediatrics run from UCL Institute of Child Health. He is on the teaching faculty of the European Society of Paediatric Gastroenterology Hepatology and Nutrition (ESPGHAN) and has been involved in international schools in Europe and Africa.

UCL Collaborators

Dr Suwan Jayasinghe; Dr Richard Day; Dr Vassilis Pachnis; Dr Simon Eaton; Prof Philip Beales; Dr Paolo De Coppi; Dr Steven Howe; Prof Christiana Ruhrberg; Dr Alan Burns

External Collaborators

Professor Robert Hofstra; Dr Allan Goldstein; Professor Wood Yee Chan



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