Dr Matthew Piper


Personal Profile

Name: Matthew Piper Email: m.piper@ucl.ac.uk
Title: Dr Tel: 0207 679 2219
Department: Genetics, Evolution & Environment Fax:
Position: Senior Research Fellow Address: Institute of Healthy Ageing, Department of Genetics, Evolution and Environment, London, WC1E 6BT
Research Domain: Ageing, Basic Life Sciences, Genetics (Frontier Disciplines), Personalised Medicine, Populations & Lifelong Health Web Page:  


Research Description

Dietary restriction (DR or calorie restriction) is an evolutionarily conserved intervention that extends healthy lifespan. I am interested in the nutrients and molecular mechanisms required to elicit this effect - in particular the role of protein. Knowledge of these interactions will aid our understanding of the role of nutrient balance in adult health, appetite and longevity.

Research Activities

Computer Vision

The role of nutrition in adult health and longevity

Education Description

3rd Year Biology of Ageing

UCL Collaborators

Dr Dorina Cadar; Dr Gabriel Brostow

External Collaborators

Dr Spencer Behmer; Prof Stephen Simpson; Dr Eric Blanc; Professor Linda Partridge; Dr Sebastian Gronke; Dr Carlos Ribeiro



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