Prof Mala Maini


Personal Profile

Name: Mala Maini Email:
Title: Prof Tel: 020 3108 2170
Department: Div of Infection & Immunity Fax:
Position: Professor of Viral Immunology Address: Rayne Institute, 5 University Street, London, WC1E 6JF
Research Domain: Infection, Immunology & Inflammation, Personalised Medicine Web Page: Personal Web Page


Research Description

  • Our research programme is focused on dissecting the immune correlates of viral persistence and liver damage in order to allow the development of novel immunotherapeutic strategies for hepatitis B virus (HBV).
  • As well as being of great medical importance in its own right, HBV provides a useful model to provide insights into liver immunology, which has relevance for other hepatotropic infections and malignancies, liver transplantation and autoimmunity.
  • We have become fascinated by how the liver utilises multiple specialised cell types and pathways to maintain a uniquely tolerant immunological environment. Defining the mechanisms of hepatic tolerance is critical to understanding how three of the most prevalent and devastating human pathogens, HBV, hepatitis C virus and malaria, take advantage of this niche in which to replicate and/or persist.
  • We are also interested in how hepatic immune responses mediate and regulate the liver damage that drives fibrosis, ultimately leading to the complications of liver cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) that still kill an estimated 600,000 people a year with chronic HBV infection. This is of particular interest in patients co-infected with HBV and HIV who have ongoing high mortality from accelerated liver fibrosis.
  • Existing therapies are rarely able to cure HBV or complications like HCC so our goal is to develop tailored boosting of antiviral immunity. The rationale for this approach is based on the fact that many adults control HBV through their natural immune response without overwhelming liver damage.

Research Activities

Hepatitis-HIV co-infection


Immunopathogenesis of hepatitis B virus infection

Immunoregulation in rheumatic disease

Mechanisms regulating lymphocyte differentiation i

Molecular Virology of Human Hepatitis

Pathogenic Interaction Between Natural Killer (Nk) And T Cells In Chronic Hepatitis B Virus Infection

Viral infections and innate immune reponses

Education Description

I have made substantial contributions to various teaching programmes over the years and have acquired extensive experience in teaching through seminars, interactive tutorials, and one on one in the lab or clinic. I have taught medical students and junior doctors, BSc and MSc students, nurses and physiotherapists, and post-graduates on an Advanced Immunology course.
Currently I teach on the Immunology BSc and Virology BSc courses and supervise undergraduate and postgraduate students in the laboratory.

UCL Collaborators

Prof Dame Linda Partridge; Prof David Gems; Prof William Rosenberg; Prof John Greenwood; Dr Michael Jacobs; Prof Claudia Mauri; Prof Nigel Klein; Prof Arne Akbar; Dr Richard Gilson; Prof Geoffrey Dusheiko; Prof David Isenberg; Prof Mike Ehrenstein; Prof Mary Collins; Prof Dame Anne Johnson; Prof Deenan Pillay; Prof Caroline Sabin; Dr Liz Jury; Prof Paul Kellam

External Collaborators



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