Prof Juan Casas Romero


Personal Profile

Name: Juan Casas Romero Email:
Title: Prof Tel:
Department: Institute of Cardiovascular Science Fax:
Position: Professor of Cardiovascular Epidemiology Address: , , ,
Research Domain: Cardiometabolic Science, Genetics (Frontier Disciplines), Global Health, Personalised Medicine, Populations & Lifelong Health, Reproduction & Development Web Page:  


Research Description

My major interest is in the application of the Mendelian randomisation principles  to identify causal factors  in cardiovascular disease and pre-eclampsia. More recently, I am interested in the use of genetics to select and validate therapeutic targets.  For this, I make use of large-scale observational studies that I have established or being involved in the last years, those include:

The UCLEB consortium: A group of cohorts from UCL, LSHTM, Edinburgh and Bristol in which we are currently conducting large-scale genotyping using the Metabochip. Work funded by the British Heart Foundation.  

The GenPE study: a large case-control study in pre-eclampsia. This study has recruited over 3700 cases and 4777 controls and 2800 umbilical cord samples, this  study is still ongoing, for details please see I have recently completed a genome-wide association study in Pre-eclampsia, under the umbrella of the WTCCC2. 

British Women Heart & Health Study: From April 2009 I am working as co-Director of the British Women's Heart & Health Study a cohort of over 4000 women in 23 British towns, resource use to investigate the causes and a consequence of cardiovascular disease.

Cardiovascular disease Latin-America: In collaboration with Dr. Bautista at Wisconsin university, we have established a large consortium of population-based studies from Latin America to evaluate the impact of obesity and cardiovascular disease in the region (

Research Activities

Education Description

During my time at LSHTM, I have participated in teaching activities that teaching has span from extended epidemiology, design and analyses of epidemiological studies, study design to genetic epidemiology. During the last five years, I also co-organize the non-communicable disease epidemioloy unit.

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