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Mr Paul Radomskij

Position Clinical/Audiological Scientist

Department The Ear Institute

Prof Martin Raff

Position Emeritus Professor of Biology

Department Div of Biosciences

Prof Jugnoo Rahi

Position Professor of Ophthalmic Epidemiology

Department ICH Pop, Policy & Practice Prog

Prof Anisur Rahman

Position Professor of Rheumatology

Department Inflammation

Prof Shamima Rahman

Position Professor of Paediatric Metabolic Medicine

Department ICH - Genetics & Epigen in Health & Dis

Prof Rosalind Raine

Position Professor of Health Care Evaluation

Department Epidemiology & Public Health

Prof Geoffrey Raisman

Position Chair of Neural Regeneration

Department Brain Repair & Rehabilitation

Dr Greta Rait

Position Clinical Senior Lecturer

Department Primary Care & Population Health

Dr Neil Ralph

Position Clinical Tutor

Department Clinical, Edu & Hlth Psychology

Prof Andy Ramage

Position Professor of Systems Pharmacology

Department Neuro, Physiology & Pharmacology

Prof Geraint Rees

Position Professor of Cognitive Neurology

Department Faculty of Life Sciences

Dr Lesley Rees

Position Reader in Paediatric Nephrology

Department ICH - Dev Biology of Birth Defects

Dr Rachel Rees

Position Senior Teaching Fellow

Department Developmental Science

Prof Mary Reilly

Position Professor of Neurology

Department Institute of Neurology

Dr Maria Retzepi

Position Honorary Lecturer

Department Eastman Dental Institute

Dr Max Reuter

Position Reader in Evolutionary Genetics

Department Genetics, Evolution & Environment

Prof Tamas Revesz

Position Principal Clinical Research Associate

Department Neurodegenerative Diseases

Prof Antonella Riccio

Position Professor of Neuroscience

Department MRC/UCL Lab for Molecular Cell Bio

Dr Frances Rice

Position Reader in Social and Emotional Development

Department Clinical, Edu & Hlth Psychology

Prof Peter Rich

Position Professor of Bioenergetics

Department Structural & Molecular Biology

Prof Marcus Richards

Position Scientific Programme Leader

Department MRC Unit for Lifelong Hlth & Ageing

Mr Toby Richards

Position Senior Clinical Lecturer

Department Research Department of Gen Surgery

Dr Daniel Richardson

Position Senior Lecturer

Department Experimental Psychology

Prof William Richardson

Position Professor of Biology

Department Wolfson Inst for Biomedical Research

Prof Paul Riley

Position Honorary Professor

Department Institute of Child Health

Dr Adam Roberts

Position Senior Lecturer

Department Microbial Diseases

Prof Helen Roberts

Position Professor of Child Health Research

Department ICH Development Bio & Cancer Prog

Prof Mary Robertson


Department Division of Psychiatry

Prof Nikki Robertson

Position Professor of Perinatal Neuroscience

Department Neonatology

Dr Jennifer Rodd

Position Senior Lecturer

Department Experimental Psychology

Dr Alison Rodger

Position Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Infectious Diseases

Department Infection & Population Health

Dr Pablo Rodriguez-Viciana

Position Senior Lecturer

Department Research Department of Cancer Bio

Dr Jonathan Roiser

Position Reader in Cognitive Neuroscience

Department Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience

Prof Maria Ron

Position Emeritus Professor in Neuropsychiatry

Department Institute of Neurology

Prof Stuart Rosen

Position Professor of Speech and Hearing Sciences

Department Speech, Hearing & Phonetic Sciences

Prof William Rosenberg

Position Peter Scheuer Chair of Liver Disease

Department lnst for Liver and Digestive Hlth

Dr Joe Rosenthal

Position Senior Clinical Lecturer

Department Primary Care & Population Health

Prof Martin Rossor

Position Clinical Professor

Department Neurodegenerative Diseases

Prof Tony Roth

Position Professor of Clinical Psychology

Department Clinical, Edu & Hlth Psychology

Prof John Rothwell

Position Professor of Human Neurophysiology

Department IoN Motor Neurosci & Mov Disorders

Mr Mike Rowson

Position Principal Teaching Fellow

Department Institute for Global Health

Dr Xiong-Zhong Ruan

Position Senior Lecturer

Department Internal Medicine

Prof Gary Rubin

Position Helen Keller Professor of Visual Function and Rehabilitation

Department Inst Ophthalmology - Visual Neuroscience

Dr Suzanne Ruddy

Position Teaching Fellow

Department Structural & Molecular Biology

Prof Christiana Ruhrberg

Position Professor of Neuronal and Vascular Biology

Department Inst Ophthalmology - Cell Biology

Prof Andres Ruiz-Linares

Position Professor of Human Genetics

Department Genetics, Evolution & Environment

Prof Dmitri Rusakov

Position Wellcome Trust Principal Fellow and Professor of Neuroscience

Department Clinical & Experimental Epilepsy