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Dr Alastair O'brien

Position Senior Clinical Lecturer

Department lnst for Liver and Digestive Hlth

Prof John O'keefe

Position Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience

Department Cell & Developmental Biology

Dr Nuala O'shea

Position Senior Clinical Research Fellow

Department Internal Medicine

Dr Jude Oben

Position Wellcome Trust Intermediate Clinical Fellow (Honorary Consultant)

Department lnst for Liver and Digestive Hlth

Mr Olagunju Ogunbiyi

Position Clinical Senior Lecturer

Department Research Department of Gen Surgery

Prof Shin-Ichi Ohnuma

Position Professor

Department Inst Ophthalmology - Ocular Biology

Dr Andrei Okorokov

Position Lecturer

Department Wolfson Inst for Biomedical Research

Dr Paola Oliveri

Position Senior Lecturer

Department Genetics, Evolution & Environment

Prof Irwin Olsen

Position Emeritus Professor of Cell Biology and Tissue Engineering

Department Eastman Dental Institute

Prof Christine Orengo

Position Professor of Bioinformatics

Department Structural & Molecular Biology

Prof Martin Orrell

Position Professor of Ageing and Mental Health

Department Division of Psychiatry

Dr Richard Orrell

Position Senior Clinical Lecturer

Department Clinical Neuroscience

Dr David Osborn

Position Professor of Psychiatric Epidemiology

Department Division of Psychiatry

Dr Andrew Osborne

Position Lecturer

Department Structural & Molecular Biology

Dr David Osrin

Position Professor of Global Health

Department Institute for Global Health

Dr Leun Otten

Position Principal Research Fellow

Department Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience

Prof Jim Owen

Position Emeritus Professor of Molecular Medicine

Department Div of Medicine