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Prof Ian Jacobs

Position Honorary Professor

Department Inst for Women's Health

Dr Michael Jacobs

Position Honorary Senior Lecturer

Department Div of Infection & Immunity

Dr Tom Jacques

Position Clinical Senior Lecturer

Department ICH Development Bio & Cancer Prog

Dr Stephen Jacyna

Position Emeritus Reader

Department Div of Biosciences

Dr Sushrut Jadhav

Position Senior Clinical Lecturer

Department Division of Psychiatry

Dr Rolf Jager

Position Professor of Neuroradiology

Department Brain Repair & Rehabilitation

Dr Dan Jagger

Position Senior Lecturer

Department The Ear Institute

Prof Marjan Jahanshahi

Position Professor of Neuropsychology

Department IoN Motor Neurosci & Mov Disorders

Prof Rajiv Jalan

Position Professor of Hepatology

Department Inst for Liver and Digestive Hlth

Prof Samuel Janes

Position Professor of Respiratory Medicine

Department Internal Medicine

Prof Martin John Jarvis

Position Professor of Health Psychology

Department Epidemiology & Public Health

Prof Parmjit Jat

Position Professor of Neurodegenerative Disease

Department Neurodegenerative Diseases

Prof Eric Jauniaux

Position Professor of Obstetrics and Fetal Medicine

Department Maternal & Fetal Medicine

Prof Glen Jeffery

Position Professor of Neuroscience

Department Inst Ophthalmology - Visual Neuroscience

Prof Kate Jeffery

Position Professor of Behavioural Neuroscience

Department Experimental Psychology

Dr Gavin Jell

Position Non-Clinical Lecturer in Nanotechnology and Regenerative Medicine

Department Research Department of Gen Surgery

Dr Richard Jenner

Position Reader in Molecular Biology

Department Research Department of Cancer Bio

Prof Kristjan Jessen

Position Professor of Developmental Neurobiology

Department Cell & Developmental Biology

Prof Helene Joffe

Position Professor of Psychology

Department Clinical, Edu & Hlth Psychology

Prof Dame Anne Johnson

Position Chair and Vice- Dean, External Relations

Department Infection & Population Health

Prof Sonia Johnson

Position Professor of Social and Community Psychiatry

Department Division of Psychiatry

Prof Alan Johnston

Position Professor of Psychology

Department Experimental Psychology

Dr Clare Jolly

Position Senior Research Fellow

Department Div of Infection & Immunity

Dr Louise Jones

Position Clinical Research Fellow

Department Division of Psychiatry

Dr Melvyn Jones

Position Senior Clinical Lecturer

Department Primary Care & Population Health

Prof Steve Jones

Position Emeritus Professor of Human Genetics

Department Genetics, Evolution & Environment

Prof Eileen Joyce

Position Professor of Neuropsychiatry

Department IoN Motor Neurosci & Mov Disorders

Dr Liz Jury

Position Senior Lectureship

Department Inflammation