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Dr Klaus Abels

Position Reader in Linguistics

Department Linguistics

Prof David Abraham

Position Professor of Cell and Molecular Biology

Department Inflammation

Dr Andrey Abramov

Position Professorial Research

Department Molecular Neuroscience

Prof John Achermann

Position Professor of Paediatric Endocrinology

Department ICH Genetics & Genomic Medicine Prog

Prof Arne Akbar

Position Professor of Immunology

Department Div of Infection & Immunity

Dr Ghada Al-Malky

Position Senior Lecturer

Department The Ear Institute

Dr Joerg Albert

Position Reader in Sensory Neuroscience

Department The Ear Institute

Prof Daniel Alexander

Position Professor of Imaging Science

Department Dept of Computer Science

Prof Robin Ali

Position Professor of Human Molecular Genetics

Department Inst Ophthalmology - Genetics

Dr Elaine Allan

Position Lecturer

Department Microbial Diseases

Prof Persis Amrolia

Position Professor of Transplantation Immunology

Department ICH Infect, Imm, Infla. & Physio Med

Prof John Anderson

Position Professor of Experimental Paediatric Oncology

Department ICH Development Bio & Cancer Prog

Dr Lucy Anderson

Position Research Associate

Department The Ear Institute

Prof Patrick Anderson

Position Emeritus Professor

Department Cell & Developmental Biology

Prof Robert Anderson

Position Emeritus Professor of Paediatric Cardiac Morphology

Department Institute of Child Health

Prof Timothy Arnett

Position Professor of Mineralised Tissue Biology

Department Cell & Developmental Biology

Dr Erik Arstad

Position Senior Lecturer

Department Metabolism & Experi Therapeutics

Prof John Ashburner

Position Professor of Imaging Science

Department Imaging Neuroscience

Mr Michael Ashby

Position Honorary Senior Lecturer

Department Div of Psychology & Lang Sciences

Prof Margaret Ashcroft


Department Div of Medicine

Dr Paul Ashley

Position Senior Clinical Lecturer (Honorary NHS Consultant)

Department EDI Craniofacial & Development Sci

Prof Jonathan Ashmore

Position Bernard Katz Professor of Biophysics

Department Neuro, Physiology & Pharmacology

Prof Jan Atkinson

Position Emeritus Professor of Psychology

Department Div of Psychology & Lang Sciences

Prof David Attwell

Position Jodrell Professor of Physiology

Department Neuro, Physiology & Pharmacology