Division of Medicine Success at the Medical Research Society/Academy of Medical Sciences 2010 Clinician Scientists in Training Event

8 March 2010

The success of staff in the Division of Medicine was highlighted at the recent Medical Research Society/Academy of Medical Sciences 2010 Clinician Scientists in Training Meeting. The cross-disciplinary meeting, at the Royal College of Physicians, is for researchers planning a career in academic medicine/clinical science. During the meeting eight clinician scientists, selected from across the country, gave oral presentations – a total of five were from UCL.

Over 120 abstracts were submitted, four were selected for plenary oral presentations, staff based at UCL gave three of the presentations:

· Importance of peptide YY following gastrointestinal bypass surgery
K Chandarana (UCL Division of Medicine)
· Previous colonisation protects against pneumococcal pneumonia: learning from natural immunity
Dr Jonathan M Cohen (UCL Institute of Child Health)
· Vasculopathy in a TGF-β Dependent Mouse Model of Systemic Sclerosis
Dr Emma Derrett-Smith (UCL Division of Medicine)

Jonathan Cohen won an award for the best presentation for his work on pneumococcus, which causes pneumonia and bloodstream infections.

During the Meeting the winner of the Annual Young Investigator Award was announced, there were four finalists, two - Dr Daniel Gale and Mr Loebinger  - were from UCL Division of Medicine:

· On the TRAIL of a Killer: TRAIL-expressing Mesenchymal Stem Cells are able to target and eliminate lung metastases
Mr Loebinger

· Complement Factor H Related protein 5 (CFHR5) Nephropathy: an endemic cause of renal disease in Cyprus
Dr Daniel Gale

Daniel Gale won the Young Investigator Award (£1000 plus an additional travel bursary of £250) for his recognition and description of a new disease, CFHR5 nephropathy.

After the meeting Professor Mark Pepys (UCL Division of Medicine) delivered the Gordon Cumming Memorial Lecture, entitled “Designer Drugs for Deadly Diseases”.

Commenting on the success of staff in the Division of Medicine, Professor Patrick Maxwell (Director of the Division of Medicine), said: “I was tremendously proud that our young clinician scientists did so well, across such a broad range of medical research. Our aim is to provide a great scientific environment for talented young researchers and this suggests we are succeeding!”