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Education Publication

A new publication is being put together to highlight some of the best features of a SLMS education.

With revised curricula, innovative new ways of teaching and enhanced learning spaces, there are many exciting teaching developments underway across SLMS. The new Education Domain aims to identify and promote good practice across the School; the new publication is designed to communicate some of these exciting initiatives to the wider world.

There is indeed much to be positive about. UCL is first choice for thousands of young students, while the Medical School remains the highest-ranked in London among students and fourth in the country.

New curricula have been developed at the Medical School and in pharmacy, and the pioneering new Bachelor of Arts and Sciences (BASc) degree has taken on its first students.

New master’s courses have been launched, in areas as diverse as gene therapy and performing arts medicine. SLMS and its clinical partners are also developing an innovative set of academically rigorous postgraduate courses for medical trainees, through the MDECS (Medical and Dental Education Commissioning System) scheme.

UCL’s Moodle is providing a platform for enhanced use of technology in teaching, with lecturecasting now firmly established and new approaches such as ‘lecture flipping’ being piloted in some areas. Important steps are being taken towards more extensive use of distance learning.

All these initiatives are ultimately dependent on a skilled and committed workforce dedicated to delivering the best possible education to the next generation of scientists, doctors and citizens.