Domain Chair:

Professor Dame Anne Johnson

Domain Coordinator:

Sarah Welsher

Communications and Events Officer:

Cassie Harley-Boyce

Global Health

The cross-fertilisation and application of our expertise at UCL is being coordinated through the UCL Institute for Global Health. It has developed an institution-wide agenda leading to strategies, programmes, research and teaching to bring our combined expertise to bear on the Grand Challenge of Global Health.

Avoidable and preventable death and disease are among the major challenges facing the world today. At UCL we are in an excellent position to help overcome the barriers to global health when we work together.


The solutions to achieving this reside equally in all our disciplines: from the arts and humanities, built environment, engineering and law to basic and applied biomedical sciences. View UCL staff working on global health.

For more information please view the global health webpages, or contact Helen Hopkins, Research & Programme Development Manager (UCL Institute for Global Health) and Coordinator, UCL Grand Challenge of Global Health).