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IMPACT studentships

Information about SLMS IMPACT Studentships

IMPACT Studentships support collaborative partnerships between a UCL investigator and external organisations. They allow new partnerships to be established with industrial or enterprise partners, new opportunities for knowledge transfer with external organisations, or support and extend existing partnerships.

Studentship costs must be included in the annual budget & planning cycle as they involve a financial commitment from your Division/Institute. For this reason potential applications must be discussed with your Divisional Manager (or Institute Manager) and Director as early as possible in the process. The budget process begins in late Autumn/January each year, for the following academic year and beyond.

Proposals also require Faculty level approval (Director of Operations & Dean) as part of the regular financial approval process (see the guidance document).

Once financial approval is agreed along with a commitment to include any costs in the budget, your Faculty Vice-Dean (Enterprise) will evaluate the academic merits of individual cases. It is important to remember that only your Division or Institute (and Faculty) can provide the financial approval for an Impact award to be agreed. Letters of award will be issued by the SLMS Finance Team once all financial approvals have been secured.

Applications may be accepted for IMPACT Studentships in each Faculty on a rolling basis but to progress must be included in the budget for the corresponding year. To be considered for an IMPACT Studentship, a UCL investigator must identify an external partner and project that fulfils the criteria set out below. The external partner must be willing to commit appropriate supervisory or project support plus a financial commitment as outlined in the funding model towards the cost of a three-year PhD.

SLMS IMPACT Studentships cover Home/EU tuition fees, stipend (minimum UK Research Council with London weighting), and research costs of £1,000 per annum. Any additional costs must be charged entirely to the external partner. Awards may be used to support UK and EU nationals only.

•    SLMS Impact Studentship Guidance (PDF)
•    SLMS IMPACT Studentship Application Form (Word)
•    SLMS IMPACT Studentship funding model (EXCEL)