Graduate Funding

The funds previously administered by the Graduate School were devolved to Faculties in May 2014. 

  • The administrative processes were streamlined to reduce the administrative burden on all involved, whether applying for or administering funds. 
  • Applications are now submitted by email, documentation verified and payments made locally within Departments.   

Please see the links below for more details of the:

Student Conference Fund
External Training Course Fund

Three further schemes were devolved from the Graduate School in 2014: the Bridging, Research Project and Staff Conference Fund Schemes. 

The Research Project and Bridging Schemes were disestablished, the funds available (charged across all Departments) being insufficient to deliver an equitable or useful provision, in the case of the Bridging fund only allowing for approximately one award per Faculty per annum. The Staff Conference Fund has been discontinued. 

Deadlines for the submission of ALL applications in 2014-15 will be Friday 26th September 2014, Monday 2 February 2015, and Monday 1 June 2015. 

Applicants will be informed within 4 weeks of the deadline whether or not they have received funding.

Applications should be submitted by email to Anna Hindley, Graduate Operations Manager, SLMS Academic Careers Office.

NB: The Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) is still available to AHRC funded students.  For enquiries or applications, please contact Natalie Berry, LAHP Manager, London Arts & Humanities Partnership (AHRC DTP)

Page last updated 25 November 2015.

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