MBPhD Programme

The MBPhD Programme at UCL is a course designed for students who aim at a clinical career that embodies a substantial research component. Such individuals might work in university (‘academic’) medicine, or in clinical medicine aimed at development of new styles of investigation or management of patients, or in the pharmaceutical industry, or public health planning of medical services, or even in financial services aimed at funding of clinically-related commercial ventures.

Students are recruited from UK pre-clinical courses in the BSc year. The course (as presently organized) starts in July after graduation from the BSc. There is a six-month clinical introductory course during which the student learns about the techniques of history an examination, about the presentation, investigation and management of the common diseases, about pathology and about ward etiquette.

After this, the student embarks on the PhD at a chosen lab at either UCL, the labs of Cancer Research UK, or the National Institute for Medical Research at Mill Hill. During the PhD there is continuing clinical teaching.

The student returns to clinical studies after submitting the PhD and spends a further two years on the wards before graduating with an MBPhD qualification.



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