Integrated Academic Training - 2014/15 recruitment

All 2014 ACF posts will be advertised on the London Deanery website.

See below for Round 1 ACF Recruitment Dates:

Round 1 - ACF Recruitment
Start Date
14th October 2014
Closing Date
11th November 2013
Short-listing and interviews take place between
12th November & 10th January 2014
Offers will be made from (via the UK Offers system)
13th January 2014
Hold Deadline
1st February 2014
Active in post by
31st March 2015
NB: National NIHR ACF recruitment in General Practice (ST1)
Recruitment to NIHR ACF in General Practice is managed by a national recruitment process

If you have any questions in relation to the ACF 2014/15 recruitment process, please contact the London Deanery or contact the UCL Programme Lead listed below.

Please see below for the ACF posts available at UCL:

Specialty Programme Lead
Anaesthetics (ST3) x 2 posts
Dr Martin Smith
Cardiology (ST1)
Prof Jean McEwan
Clinical Radiology
Prof Stuart Taylor
Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (ST4)
Prof David Osborn
General Practice (ST1)
Prof Joe Rosenthal
General Psychiatry (CT1-ST3)
Prof David Osborn
Haematology (ST3)
Prof David Linch
Histopathology (ST2)
Prof Adrienne Flanagan
Infectious Diseases x 2 posts
Dr Mahdad Noursadeghi
Medical Oncology (ST3)
Prof Tim Meyer
Intensive Care Medicine (ST3)
Prof Mervyn Singer
Neurology (ST3)
Dr Simon Mead
Dr Simon Mead
Old Age Psychiatry (BRU Dementia Post) (ST1-3)
Prof David Osborn
Otolaryngology (ST1)
Prof Martin Birchall
Paediatrics (4 posts) (ST1-4)
Prof Terence Stephenson
Psychiatry of Learning Disability (ST4)
Prof David Osborn
Public Health Medicine (ST1)
Dr Jenny Mindell
Renal Medicine x 2 posts (ST1 & ST3)
Prof Robert Unwin
Respiratory Medicine (ST1)
Prof Jeremy Brown
Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgery (ST1)
Prof Alister Hart
Urology (ST1)
Prof Mark Emberton


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