Postgraduate Research Degrees

Researcher in Lab

UCL offers unrivalled opportunities for PhD research in all aspects of life and biomedical sciences. Research projects range across all the research domains from ageing and well-being through neuroscience to women's health, plus the entire range of biomedical excellence offered at UCL. Biomedical and life sciences research is carried out in all the SLMS domains, by researchers who are among the leaders of their fields, using the most modern techniques to address important problems in both basic and applied biomedical sciences. Research laboratories are well funded, so that PhD students have the best change of getting off to a productive start in their research.

Research domains in the SLMS have a diversified range of funding for PhD training, and prospective students should contact individual faculty members if they have a specific interest. In addition, SLMS supports an increasing number of three and four year programmes funded by the Wellcome Trust, Medical Research Council, Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council or Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.

Organised MPhil/PhD programmes generally provide fees and student stipend, but much graduate student activity is also supported by activity within individual domains. Graduate School Scholarships are available for Masters and MPhil/PhD programmes and more information can be found here. UCL also has a number of scholarships, awards, prizes and medals that award funding on the basis of applicants' academic achievements and potential. In addition there are bursaries, grants and loan schemes that take account of applicants' financial circumstances. More information is available here.

Child Health PhD Studentships

UCL Institute of Child Health (ICH) offers a number of research studentships which are supported by the Child Health Research PhD Programme. Applicants who are selected for funding are able to choose from a portfolio of PhD projects and have the opportunity to meet with supervisors before making their decision. These studentships are advertised in Nature and on the ICH website, details are available on the ICH website OPEN.

MRC PhD studentship - Computational Biology of Neurodegenerative Diseases

Method development and integration of data from high-throughput experiments towards identifying prion susceptibility genes and their pathways (Stipend: £15,740 per annum)
Start date & duration: 1st October 2011, 3 years
Details available at: mrc_prion.doc

Grand Challenge Studentships

Inspired by its Grand Challenges (, UCL is initiating an elite PhD training programme designed to attract those researchers with the highest intellectual and scientific skills to the field of biomedical and life sciences. A total of 100 Grand Challenge Studentships in Biomedicine will be available over the next 3 years through funding provided by the UCL Faculty of Biomedical Sciences and the NIHR Biomedical Research Centres at UCLH, Moorfields and Great Ormond Street Hospitals. CLOSED

BHF 4 Year PhD Studentships in Cardiovascular Biomedicine

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of mortality and morbidity in the world. UCL pursues a multidisciplinary approach to elucidating the causes and treatment of CVD. Training the next generation of cardiovascular researchers is a high priority for us, and with generous funding from the British Heart Foundation we are able to offer a four year PhD programme for first rate students. Project areas cover the entirety of research in this area, from public health and epidemiology to molecules and development OPEN.

International programmes

MB PhD Programme

UCL is one of only a handful of UK universities offering a highly successful PhD programme integrated with the undergraduate medical degree since 1994. The clinical academic training pages provide more detail.

Four year PhD programmes

Three year PhD programmes

Professional Doctorates provide an education at an intellectual level equivalent to that required for the PhD and include a substantial research component as well as elements of a practical/work related/professional nature and formally taught components assessed by coursework.

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