Slade School of Fine Art



Evening Courses 2014/15


Mondays 6.00pm – 8.30pm, £290

Autumn Term: 13 October - 1 December 2014


Spring Term: 19 January - 9 March 2015 COURSE FULL reserve list

This course gives students the opportunity to explore many aspects of drawing. The emphasis of the course is to explore drawing as a means of articulating form and as a tool for thinking, to encourage students to explore and nurture ideas through drawing and as a feeder for ideas into their own art practice. The eight sessions will explore light and tone, materials and surface, movement and line, composition, measurement and proportion and drawing systems such as perspective. Students will draw from a model for four of the eight sessions. They will experiment with a variety of techniques and materials including pencil, ink, white chalk, willow and compressed charcoal. This course suits a cross-section of experiences from complete beginners to those who are more experienced but would like to explore the underpinnings and process of drawing.

Painting 1

Mondays 6.00pm – 8.30pm, £305

Autumn Term: 13 October – 1 December 2014


Spring Term: 19 January - 9 March 2015

This course offers students the opportunity to explore the first principles of painting. The emphasis is to look at painting as a means for articulating form and as a tool for expression and creative imagination. The course explores the idea of perception as the starting point for visual enquiry and includes working from objects, the human figure, memory and secondary sources. It is our aim that students leave the course with a set of criteria helping them not only to explore ways of representing perceived objects but also allowing further possibilities within the wider remit of painting to be questioned in their own time. Weekly sessions will be devoted to contemplating a particular set of formal issues underpinning the nature of painting. Special attention is placed on colour and composition. The course includes two sessions of painting from the model. Students can work with oils or acrylic. The course is suitable for beginners and more experienced painters alike although we do recommend that students have a rudimentary knowledge of drawing in order to obtain maximum benefit from the course. Please note: This course is also offered as a Saturday option in our Autumn term.

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