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Easter Courses 2015

Life Painting - COURSE FULL reserve list

Monday - Friday 10.00am – 4.00pm, £350

13 April – 17 April 2015

This course allows students the opportunity to work from the model in a sustained pose. Through intense looking, students are encouraged to consider their process of working with and emphasis on developing a method though experimentation, reassessment and revision, using oil paint. The course is open to students of all levels although we recommend that students have a rudimentary knowledge of drawing.

The Expanded Field of Drawing

Monday - Friday 10.00am – 4.00pm, £345

13 April – 17 April 2015

This course is aimed at students who have experience of drawing and who are interested in experimenting and extending their skills and knowledge. (It is not suitable for beginners.) It provides the opportunity to study, in depth, the activity of drawing both as a way of thinking - how we think through drawing - and as a way to develop personal research. Working from observation will only be a small part of the course; instead, the main focus will be on experimenting with various forms of drawing within contemporary art practices. The course will be constructed around various projects which explore the formal and practical ideas of what drawing might be, for example; the subject may be observed, found, recalled, imagined, felt or constructed. There will be an emphasis on the materiality of drawing, placement/situation of the drawn image and the use of various, non-traditional materials to create new work. Each day will build on the previous day, as we explore different concepts and approaches to making. Students will be encouraged to develop their own methods of translating ideas into form as a way to generate questions. The core of the course will focus on the varied and experimental forms of drawing and students will be encouraged to use a wide variety of material, working both inside and outside the studio. Throughout the week there will be informal discussions, slide talks and regular critiques to discuss ideas and methods.

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