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Playing Space: Performing the Spatial Politics of Invisible Theatre

Leah Lovett

My practice and thesis begin from an understanding of social structures as spatial and as performed. As an artist, I work collaboratively to make performances, videos, installations and workshops which explore how people negotiate each other and create space through conversation, story-telling and incidental actions. Under the provisional title Playing Space: Performing the Spatial Politics of Invisible Theatre, my practice-related thesis turns to Brazilian theatre practitioner Augusto Boal’s descriptions of invisible theatre as a starting point for considering the spatio-political potential of performance and performative writing. This project draws on the ideas and approaches of critical theorists from a variety of disciplines, including Lefebvre, de Certeau, Doreen Massey and Jane Rendell, and is supervised by Amna Malik, Ben Campkin (Bartlett) and Jayne Parker. 

This project is supported by the AHRC.

Publications, performances and awards

Crowd Control: Encountering Art's Audiences in Performativity in the Gallery : Staging Interactive Encounters edited by Outi Remes, Laura MacCulloch and Marika Leino, published by Peter Lang.

Presenting performances at Counterpath Press, Denver, USA and the Hemi Encuentro 2014, Montreal, Canada, in June 2014 with support from the Arts Council England AIDF and a Jean Spencer and Malcolm Hughes award from the Slade School of Fine Art, UCL.

Sock Puppet State, a new commission for Flaming Skirt Festival 2, The Ridings, Derbyshire, April 2014.

Support, a new commission for SMASH LAB, The Book Club, London, April 2014.


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