Slade School of Fine Art



Hannah Höch's radical imagination

Kay Tabernacle

My research investigates different concepts of imagination in Hannah Höch's independent and collaborative work. I ask where Höch locates her understanding of imagination within different conceptual frameworks. The centrality of image to imagination is key to this exploration of how imagination relates to perceptual states and to understandings of reality. Through the visual representability of ideas, thoughts and feelings, I propose the operation of a radical imagination, both as a means toward Höch’s aim of transforming people’s interactions with the world, and as an agent of change in the present. Related studio practice in painting, drawing and animation informs my thesis and provides a space to test different propositions of imagination. This research project is supervised by Dr Sharon Morris (Slade), Dr Stephanie Bird (UCL Department of German) and Jo Volley (Slade).

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