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Sophie Bouvier Ausländer

What is the particular status of the hand in world making? To what extent can analytic philosophy and phenomenology of perception clarify the image of the world epitomised through sculpture, its becoming, its recovering?

Sonia Bridge

This practice-related research is concerned with the shifts from Greenbergian abstraction and medium-specificity to the current 'post-medium condition' of art, and more specifically with questions in experimental animation of 'formal coherence' in light of the disputes over the ontological and categorical relevance of the medium...

Elisabeth S. Clark

My research seeks to further elucidate notions and questions circling the ‘event’ both in contemporary art practices and art writing. But what constitutes an artwork as event? And is the ‘event’ an act or trace or the inevitable dichotomy of the two?

Fiona Curran

Currently researching for a practice-related PhD that considers the role of fine art practices since the 1960s in relation to the environmental impact of new technologies...

Sarah Fortais

What is cool? The word denotes a certain socially desirable trait or characteristic that can apply to animate objects, like people or inanimate objects, like products.

Yva Jung

I was born in Seoul where everything changes so fast. Nothing waits to grow old or to become attached to the city. As I moved through four continents and the Arctic Circle, I made ephemeral art works.

Tim Long

My thesis examines work by Antonin Artaud, Henry Darger, Marcel Duchamp, and Pablo Picasso, with the intention of subjecting specific works by these artists to critical tests employing the idea proposed by Antonin Artaud's subjectile, that is a paradoxical fusion of both subject and object.

Leah Lovett

My practice and thesis begin from an understanding of social structures as spatial and as performed.

Paul Magee

I love science. The big ideas, the big questions: time, space, consciousness, Grand Theories of This, That and The Other. Her scales and time-frames outstrip our capacity to experience her universe by orders of magnitude.

Ioana Marinescu

My work is based on stories about parts of cities annihilated by totalitarian interventions.

Onya McCausland

Turning Landscape into Colour is an investigation into the origins of earth pigments -  ‘ochres’ found in landscapes across the UK that considers their significance as contemporary cultural materials.

Florian Roithmayr

The intention of this project is to examine the theory of the distributed object.

Henrietta Simson

Single point perspective and photographic technologies of sight have been implicated in a dominating western way of seeing, referred to here as 'natural vision' for the past 500 years.

Kay Tabernacle

My research investigates different concepts of imagination in Hannah Höch's independent and collaborative work. I ask where Höch locates her understanding of imagination within different conceptual frameworks.

Kai Syng Tan

Kai Syng Tan's practice-related Fine Art thesis performs a discourse of ‘trans-running’ – running physically and poetically, and running as both subject and approach – as a playful methodology to transform our world today.

Elly Thomas

In this practice-related study I use a range of play theory to examine the creative processes behind the work of Eduardo Paolozzi, Philip Guston and Tony Oursler.

Patricia Townsend

I work with video, photography and installation and am interested in the interface between the external world and the internal world of the imagination.

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