Slade School of Fine Art



The Voice and Nothing More

The Voice and Nothing More (vanm), curated by Sam Belinfante and Neil Luck, is a week-long festival exploring the voice as both medium and subject matter in contemporary arts practices.

Notations 2008

To mark the 40th anniversary of John Cage's seminal publication Notations (Something Else Press, 1968-9) Notations 2008 presented a range of investigations into what notation is - and can be.

The View From Here

Working with the Slade School of Fine Art, four artists – in China, Uganda, Israel and Australia –each filmed a 12 minute video in a locale connected to their work, under the title The View From Here.

Postgraduate Research 2011

The aim was to present research themes, which could be productively explored in the space; basic notions which continually inform the production of art, and hence are key to the development of artistic research: Weight, Water, Touch, Body, Land, Air.

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