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Slade Centre for Electronic Media in Fine Art (SCEMFA)

SCEMFA is a research group at the Slade which opened in 1995. It has provided the opportunity for leading artists to focus on research into Electronic Media and Fine Art, contributing to debate on a national and international level for events, exhibitions, broadcasts, collaborations and online.

Pain: Speaking the Threshold

This is an interdisciplinary project between the Slade School of Fine Art and UCLH to further research the value of visual images in the diagnosis and management of chronic pain.

Materials Research Project

The Materials Research Project based in the Methods and Materials Room of the graduate painting area, spearheads the role of materials within the creative process.

Cities Methodologies

Inaugurated in 2009, Cities Methodologies is a pan-UCL initiative to showcase innovative methods of urban research.

Word Image

This is a Research Forum including artists, writers and academics from the Slade in dialogue with other researchers at UCL and other London and international institutions, who are working on the relation between words and images across various fields of creativity and scholarship.

Nihon Gendai Chokoku, Japanese Modern Sculpture

The project asks the question 'What is the relationship between the development of Modern sculpture in the West and Japan, taking the premise that modernization and Westernization are not the same?

Liz Rideal’s Indian Journal

Liz Rideal was invited by Professor Gill Perry of the Open Arts Archive to consider recording her views about the nature of creativity and the processes of making art, whilst on a cotton research trip in India funded by the British Academy.

Bronze Lab 2013

The 'Bronze Lab' is a research project that will take place in the Slade Workshop during the Research and Development week 11-17 February 2013.
For this research event, 14 Slade students have been selected to participate in the bronze pour.

Transcultural Art Group (TAG)

Andrew Stahl started the Transcultural Art Group to instigate transcultural artist residencies at the Slade School of Fine Art from various sources of funding.

Materialising Time

Materialising Time explored new and innovative methods of visually representing time through a series of Seascapes being developed in partnership with Film and Video Umbrella, London and the De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill.

PITCHAfrica Rainchute Campaign with Lisa Milroy

PITCHAfrica's rainchutes utilize decommissioned military parachutes to provide access to water at home for millions. Five rainchutes, each interpreted as a field of flowers, have been painted by artist Lisa Milroy for PITCHAfrica’s 2013 Rainchute Campaign.

Abstraction and Holocaust Memory

Mark Godfrey’s Leverhulme funded research project looked at the way American artists engaged the memory of the Holocaust resulting in the book Abstraction and the Holocaust (Yale University Press 2007).

Sculpting the Web

This investigation aimed to contribute to our understanding of how global communications systems like the worldwide web are transforming the way we perceive the world around us.

Musical Equivalence

Jayne Parker's objective was to make a group of 16 mm films that addressed the question: can film be a 'musical equivalent'?

Alighiero E Boetti

This grant covered some of the research expenses for the production of Alighiero E Boetti, 2012, Yale University Press.

Rapid Prototyping Project

This project, led by Tom Lomax, aimed to further develop mould-making and casting processes and introduce experimental and investigative methods to enhance an awareness and understanding of space, light, mass, gravity and form and how these relate to the making and experiencing of sculpture, as well as embracing other processes such as photography and print.


FRAMED took place on 23, 24 and 25 March 2006, organised by Dr Susan Collins, Head of Electronic Media and scheduled to coincide with the NODE.London season for media arts and also to mark the 10th anniversary of the Slade Centre for Electronic Media.

Image/Text/Music: TURTLE

TURTLE was a three-day event at the Slade Research Centre, Woburn Square, organised by Dr Sharon Morris, Head of Film and Video and Sean Borodale with musician/artist Anton Lukoszevieze and Michael Shamberg, artist and curator of TURTLE events.

Experiments in Digital Surface Generation

Honorary Research Fellow, Dr Simon Schofield had an exhibition of new system-based artworks produced during a two year NESTA Fellowship, Experiments in Digital Surface Generation, at the Slade Research Centre, in November 2007.

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