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Chapter at Austin Forum

Priest and artist Gianni Notarianni O.S.A. (Order of Saint Augustine), and artists Robert Phillips, Rose Davey, Donal Moloney, Kieren Reed and Sarah Kate Wilson have invited eighteen established and emerging artists including Ed Allington, Nick Goss, Bruce McLean and Jo Volley to show in Chapter, the inaugural show ...

Posted Wednesday, 22-May-2013 20:55:42

Slade Graduate Research 2013

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Slade Graduate Research 2013

Slade Graduate Research 2013 is now available to download. This e-book represents a selection of the work of MFA and MA students who participated in one or more of this year’s Graduate Research Weeks at the Slade Research Centre, Woburn Square and demonstrates the broad range of experimentation, collaboration ...

Posted Wednesday, 22-May-2013 11:50:48

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Seven Years Raum mit Licht (Space with Light)

Professor Emeritus John Hilliard and alumni Aliki Braine, Laura Medler and Lindsay Seers are showin in Seven Years Galerie Raum Mit Licht at Galerie Raum mit Licht
Kaiserstr. 32, 1070 Vienna, from 23 May - 29 June 2013. See

Posted Tuesday, 21-May-2013 10:26:32

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Oak Effect - Matthew Darbyshire

Matthew Darbyshire is showing Oak Effect, a collaboration with Tramway, Glasgow and Bloomberg SPACE, at Bloomberg SPACE, 50 Finsbury Square, London, EC2A 1HD, from 25 April - 29 June 2013. See

Posted Saturday, 18-May-2013 16:56:00


Afrofuturism’s Others - Tate Modern

Lecturer Amna Malik is speaking at Afrofuturism’s Others, an event which coincides with Ellen Gallagher's exhibition at Tate Modern, on Saturday 15 June 2013, 2 – 4pm. See

Posted Saturday, 18-May-2013 14:51:00

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Duet - UCL Art Museum

The 5th annual Slade/UCL Art Museum collaboration, Duet, is showing at UCL Art Museum, South Cloisters, University College London, London WC1E 6BT, from 7 May - 6 June 2013. See

Posted Wednesday, 15-May-2013 11:58:00

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Slade Collaboration in Conversation - UCL Museum

For the  third Slade Collaboration in Conversation, Material, Making, Interpretation and Transcription through Drawing, Andy Gomez, Duet artist, is in conversation with his tutor and artist Jo Volley. The event takes place on Tuesday 28 May, 1 - 2pm. See

Posted Wednesday, 15-May-2013 08:17:00


Party of One Lisa Milroy

Lisa Milroy is showing Party of One, an experimental painting consisting of a group of painted hand-sewn dresses hung on wooden stands, clustered in front of a painted backdrop, at CRATE, 1 Bilton Square, Margate, CT9 1EE, from 8 - 15 June 2013. See

Posted Tuesday, 14-May-2013 21:11:00

Daniel Preece - Budget Beers

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The London Group Open

Daniel Preece and Vaughan Grylls are showing in The London Group Open at the Cello Factory. 33-34 Cornwall Road,Waterloo, London, SE1 8TJ, from 14 May - 24 May 2013. See

Posted Monday, 13-May-2013 14:19:12

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