Digital Print Costs

All prints at Slade have to be paid for, as below. Colour inkjet for photographic or exhibition quality prints DESKTOP PRINTERS 70 pence per A4 page excluding paper 140 pence per A3 page excluding paper or use our online calculator to work it all out We do not provide paper as there are so many types which depend entirely on the results you need. We can give recommendations. LARGE FORMAT PRINTERS Ink is charged per unit used and paper by length from a roll. We use these calculators for the total costs Epson 9800 online calculator   For normal printing in both black/white and colour, Read more

Adobe Print Publishing Guide

This book explores the processes and issues involved in preparing color publications for reproduction on a commercial printing press-a set of tasks known as the prepress process. Despite being written in 1995, this book contains useful information for those starting out with using commercial printing presses, especially industry standards and explains key terms. I have removed obsolete information and added some annotations. PDF: Adobe Print Publishing Guide (1995)