Finance, Grants, Bursaries and Funding

Funding opportunities Public funding Public funding usually takes the form of grants that you don’t have to pay back. It comes from the government and other public organisations. Arts Council England National Lottery Fund Local authorities, councils NESTA, etc EU/EC funding Start-Up loans Private funding Private funding covers areas like corporate social responsibility, marketing and PR, and private equity (shareholding). It’s possible that some funders may take a share in your business. Corporate sponsorship and awards Venture Capitalists and Angel investors Funding from individuals or trusts There are sources of funding available from individuals or charitable organisations. There is usually Read more

Museum of Obsolete Media

A great online resource that catalogues current and obsolete formats for Film, Photography, Video, Audio, and Data

Artist Residency Programmes

International Artist Residency Programmes   The websites listed below lead to hundreds of international residency programmes.   The list of individual residencies in various countries is based on suggestions from Slade staff and students.   The document is intended as a general information resource: The Slade does not endorse any particular residency programme. ______________________________________________   Websites for general residency listings: › Art Directory › Artist Residencies   _____________________________________________________   Dominican Republic Davidoff Art Initiative   China Organhaus Art Read more

7day can be cheap for film and digital printing supplies

The Methods Room – Graduate Painting

A website generated by Graduate Painting entitled “The Methods Room”, presents our two research projects: the Material Research Project and the Discourse Project. Website:​  It’s a virtual mirror of the actual Methods Room in Studio 2 – please also check that out! It can also be accessed through the main Slade website under “Research – Material Research Project”.

Examples of some Framing & mounting Options

Frames and Mounts Metro Imaging have some useful photographs of different framing and mounting techniques including: Light Boxes Mounting to almuinium with split batons Face mounting to perpsex / plexi (Diasec mounting) Box Frame Floating Box Frame Classic Photo Frame Keyline Photo Frame Tray Photo Frame See our list of suppliers for other framers who can also offer most of these services Here’s a picture of a float mounted print. The print is attached with archival tape to a mount board so the print is not flattened but sits on top of the board. Float mounted prints are Read more