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The Methods Room – Graduate Painting

A website generated by Graduate Painting entitled “The Methods Room”, presents our two research projects: the Material Research Project and the Discourse Project. Website: blogs.ucl.ac.uk/methods-room/​  It’s a virtual mirror of the actual Methods Room in Studio 2 – please also check that out! It can also be accessed through the main Slade website under “Research – Material Research Project”.

Examples of some Framing & mounting Options

Frames and Mounts Metro Imaging have some useful photographs of different framing and mounting techniques including: Light Boxes Mounting to almuinium with split batons Face mounting to perpsex / plexi (Diasec mounting) Box Frame Floating Box Frame Classic Photo Frame Keyline Photo Frame Tray Photo Frame http://www.metroimaging.co.uk/photographic-framing-mounting See our list of suppliers for other framers who can also offer most of these services http://www.ucl.ac.uk/slade/know/148 Here’s a picture of a float mounted print. The print is attached with archival tape to a mount board so the print is not flattened but sits on top of the board. Float mounted prints are Read more