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Online learning with

As of 1 October 2014, UCL are trailing a one year campus wide license to Go to the site and and choose log in, then log in through your organisation or school. This will bring you to the UCL single sign on page where you enter your UCL username and password and that will return you to where you can choose a course.

Final Cut Pro X myths busted

When Final Cut Pro X was released, a thousand editors suddenly cried out in terror. Far from being silenced, however, the noise continued as a rolling grumble, audible as background noise to this day. At release, FCP X was far from perfect, but it’s changed. While many (not all!) of the feature gaps have been plugged since release, there is still hear the same old criticisms levelled against it. To halt further misinformation, here’s rebuttal to a huge list of perceived, overheard, incorrect criticisms of Final Cut Pro X, and a few workarounds and solutions to genuine issues.   1. Read more

Converting a 16/9 sequence into a 4/3 video

This is an old post from Larry Jordan, FCP instructor NOTE: This process changed since this was posted. See the update at the bottom. When working with PAL just use DV PAL settings in place of NTSC Tom Porett, from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, writes: I enjoy your newsletter greatly – thanks very much.   I have a question about converting a 16:9 format to 4:3 in letterbox format (with bars). If there is an issue of the newsletter that has that info I’d appreciate it.   I am uploading work to Google video and they require Read more