A Note on the Notes Towards a Supreme Multimedia

The title is cribbed from Wallace Stevens' 'Notes Towards a Supreme Fiction' in his Collected Poems. Stevens' problem was the inherence of reality. Ours is different, but not without its parallels. At certain points, the two projects interweave, and the 'problem' of the real returns, every time we switch off the computer. In an age of media saturation, perhaps the greatest attack we can make on dominant culture is to escape into the sunshine.

These notes will continue to grow as I have time to develop them. The completed Notes are linked to a new project, The Navigator, on another server: the unique link to it is in the page whyfly.html

If you would like to add pages, please mount them on your site and let me know which images, words and pages you would like to link from.

This has been and continues to be an experiment for me. Can critical writing inform and be informed by some kind of practice, especially a practice performed in however limited a way in public? I felt the need to make some pages in order to understand what I was talking about. I recognise that they are simple both technically and in concept, but as I have argued so often for amateur culture, perhaps I should not be embarrassed to be an amateur myself.

Reading early drafts of the book, the artist Simon Biggs commented that it was really a hypertext, not a linear experience. I had reasons for wanting to write a book, however curious its structure. But now I can respond to Simon's suggestion and see whether it is possible to make a critical work that operates in hypermedia.

The title page links to a large number of the pages in the labyrinth, though not all. None of them link back to it. For an expression of the principles behind the project, try starting with the Epigraph