The Silver Lab
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Prof. R. Angus Silver
Professor of Neuroscience and Wellcome Trust Principal Research Fellow
Tel:+44 (0)20 7679 7830
Research Fellows

Dr. Tomas Fernandez-Alfonso

Dr. Natasha (Alex) Cayco-Gajic

Dr. Padraig Gleeson

Dr. Paul Kirkby

Dr. Theo Koimtzis

Dr. George Konstantinou

Dr. Frederic Lanore

Dr. Boris Marin

Dr. K. M. Naga Srinivas Nadella

Adrian Quintana

Dr. Hana Ros

Dr. Jason Rothman

Dr. Sadra Sadeh

Dr. Antoine Valera

Dr. Tommy Younts

Chiara Baragli

Geoffrey Evans

Victoria Griffiths

Eugenio Piasini

Diccon Coyle
Former Lab Members

Dr. Alexander Arenz
Laszlo Bicskei
Yates Buckley
Dr. Guy Billings
Matteo Cantarelli
Dr. Laurence Cathala
Dr. Emmanuelle Chaigneau
Dr. David DiGregorio
Dr. Matteo Farinella
Izumi Harako
Dr. Florencia Iacaruso
Dr. Roby Kanichay
Dr. Angharad Kerr
Dr. Ingo Kleppe
Capucine Le Guen
Dr. Federico Minneci
Dr. Simon Mitchell
Dr. Thomas Nielsen
Daniel Ruedt
Dr. Chiara Saviane
Dr. Volker Steuber
Dr. Koen Vervaeke
Dr. Daniel Ward

Former Visiting Fellows

Dr. Zoltan Nusser
Prof. Peter Sargent
From left to right: Dr. Padraig Gleeson, Dr. George Konstantinou, Dr. Hana Ros, Dr. Tomas Fernandez-Alfonso, Dr. Antoine Valera, Dr. K. M. Naga Srinivas Nadella, Dr. Theo Koimtzis, Dr. Paul Kirkby, Prof. R. Angus Silver, Adrian Quintana, Eugenio Piasini, Dr. Boris Marin, Chiara Baragli, Geoffrey Evans, Dr. Natasha (Alex) Cayco-Gajic, Diccon Coyle, Dr. Sadra Sadeh, Dr. Tommy Younts, Dr. Frederic Lanore, Dr. Jason Rothman.

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