Department of Spanish, Portuguese & Latin American Studies

Contact Details

Departmental Coordinators:
Ms Alex Lopez Alvarez
Ms Clare Szembek (Mon-Wed)
tel: 020 7679 3109
ext: 33109

Head of Department:
Dr Humberto Núñez-Faraco
tel: 020 7679 4332
ext: 34332

Professor Evelyn Fishburn

Honorary Professor, University College London

Professor Emeritus of Latin American Literary Studies
School of Languages and European Studies
London Metropolitan University, formerly University of North London



University College London

Honorary Senior Research Fellow, now Associate, 2003 –

Honorary Lecturer, University College 1979-80

London Metropolitan University, formerly University of North London

School of Languages and European Studies

  • Professor Emeritus 2002 -
  • Professor 1996 – 2001
  • Senior Lecturer 1987-96
  • Lecturer 1980-1987
  • Lecturer in Latin-American Studies
  • Member of Research Committee
  • Co-ordinator of Research in American Studies for RAE
  • Co-ordinator of Latin American Special Interest Group

Other Universities

  • San Martin Visiting Professorship, Hebrew University of Jerusalem 2003-4
  • Visiting Scholar, University of California, Berkeley 1997
  • Visiting Fellow of Clare Hall, University of Cambridge 1994
  • Lecturer in Spanish Literature, Westfield College 1990-1
  • Lecturer, King’s College, London 1988-90
  • Lecturer, Birkbeck College 1975-88


  • Ph. D. University of London 1978
  • B.A. University of London 1973 (First Class)
  • Diplome de Traducteur (avec approbation)
  • Ecole d'Interpretes, Université de Geneve 1956

Awards and Grants

  • Leverhulme Emeritus Fellowship 2003 - 2005
  • UNL Research Committee grant for co-organizing conference at ILAS
  • Nuffield Foundation grant for research in language teaching
  • UNL Development Fund award for research on feminism
  • Faculty sabbatical for performance
  • British Academy grant in support of conference 1996

Current professional membership

  • Member of International Editorial Board, Variaciones Borges Journal of the J.L.Borges Center for Studies and Documentation
  • Associate Fellow of Institute of Latin American Studies
  • Member of Association of Hispanists of Great Britain and Ireland
  • (Commitee Member 1995-1999)

Research Projects

  • Humour in Latin American Fiction
  • language and biculturalism
  • Borges

Areas of teaching:


  • Special subject: Borges and Cortázar (BA and MA)
  • Introduction to Latin American literature
  • The literature of the Pampas
  • Course on short stories, Feminist perspectives in Latin American writings
  • Representations of the family in Latin-American film and fiction
  • Spanish Literature: selected authors
  • Women Writers and Nation


  • Comparative American studies
  • ‘Discourse’
  • European Literature
  • Language and Style
  • Europe as “Other”

Spanish language:

  • All levels, from ‘ab initio’ to BA finalists
  • Advanced translation course

Postgraduate Supervision:

Supervisor and director of studies on M.Phil/PhD on ‘Aspects of magic realism in the post-colonial novel’

Supervisor of PhD on ‘Appropriation and Resistance in Philippine Marian Devotion’; 'The notion of specularity in Spanish Caribbean Narrative Forms'; Argentine Women Writers


BBC radio 4: In Our Time, programme on Borges, 4th Jan. 2007

Assessor for publications for Tamesis, Peter Lang Ashgate Publications

Advisor on Spanish and Latin American section for an ‘Encyclopedia of Erotic   Literature’, Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers, London and Chicago

Interviewed regularly by BBC World Service and Radio Four

Interviewed by TELAM (Argentine Government News Agency)

Occasional Reader for Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, Oxford University Press, BLAR, Bloomsbury Press (consultant for Bloomsbury Guide to Women's Literature ) BBC Drama and Short fiction, BBC World Service

External Examining:

External examiner of PhD theses for the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Universities of Cambridge, St Andrews, Bristol, Birmingham, Warwick, Westminster, London (University College London, Birkbeck College)

External Examiner for Spanish: Goldsmith College, University of London, 2003 -05; Queen's University, Belfast, 2002 - 05

Validator and External Examiner for Spanish for the Humanities Modular Degree Course, University of East London, 1990-4

External Examiner for Spanish, BA Hons Course, Polytechnic of Central London, (University of Westminster) 1988-92 (Chief External Examiner for BA/BA Hons Humanities Course, 1990-2

External Assessor to MA and BA Hons Hispanic Board and Romance Board, London University, 1985 - 9

List of Publications, Papers Delivered and Conferences Convened Books:

Science and the Creative Imagination in Latin America, Eds. E.Fishburn and E.L.Ortiz, ILAS, 2005, ISBN 1 900039 61 3

Borges and Europe Revisited, Ed. Evelyn Fishburn, London, ILAS, 1998, ISBN 1 900039 21 4

Short Fiction by Spanish American Women, University of Manchester Press, 1998, ISBN 0 7190 5286 6 (hardback) ISBN 0 7190 4744 7 (paperback)

A Borges Dictionary, (in collaboration with P. Hughes) London, Duckworths, 1990, 2nd edition1994, pp.270, ISBN 0-7156-2154-8; Spanish edition, Un diccionario de Borges, Torres Agüero Editor, Buenos Aires, 1995, pp. 362, ISBN 950-549-333-9

The Portrayal of Immigration in Nineteenth Century Argentine Literature (1845-1902), Iberoamerikanisches Archiv, Berlin, 1981, pp.191, ISBN 3-7678-0523-5

Chapters in books:

‘Discovering the Unknown; Re-discovering the Known in Atlas’, Traslados/Translations: Essays on Latin America in Honour of Jason Wilson, ed Claire Lindsay (London: Institute for the Study of the Americas, 2012), pp. 67-78.

‘(Dos) momentos epifánicos en la cuentística de Borges’, La fe en el universo literario de Jorge Luis Borges, Ruth Fine/ Daniel Blaustein (eds.). Hildesheim. Zurich. New York : 2012, 95 – 110

‘The plays’, Cambridge Companion to Mario Vargas Llosa, edited by Efrain Kristal and John King, CUP, 2012, 185-198

‘Discovering the Unknown; Re-discovering the Known in Atlas’, Essays in Honour of Jason Wilson, Ed. Claire Lindsay, ISA, 2012

‘Different Aspects of Humour and Wordplay in the Work of Alejandra Pizarnik’, Árbol de Alejandra Pizarnik Reassessed, edited by Fiona J. Mackintosh with Karl Posso, Támesis, 2007, 36 – 59. ISBN978-1-85566-153-0

‘Cultural Clashes in Alejandra Pizarnik’s Dark Humour’, Antes y después del Quijote, Asociación de hispanistas de Gran Bretaña e Irlanda, Biblioteca Valenciana, 2005, 279-288. ISBN 84-482-4145-2

‘Humour and Magic Realism in El reino de este mundo’, Companion to Magic Realism, Stephen Hart and Wen-chin Ouyang (editors), Tamesis, 2005, 154-167. ISBN

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‘A feminist re-reading of Alfonsina Storni’s Poetry’, Feminist Readings on Spanish and Latin-American Literature, ed. L.P.Conde, and S.M.Hart, The Edwin Mellen Press, Wales, 1991, pp.121-136, ISBN 0 7734 - 9440 – 5


"Jewish, Christian and Gnostic Themes in Borges", Companion to Borges Studies, edited Edwin Williamson, CUP, 2012

Articles in refereed journals:

‘“El Aleph”. A Repeating Universe’, Variaciones Borges: Journal of Philosophy, Semiotics and Literature, 33, 2012. pp. 24 - 31

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Articles in Encyclopedias:

María Luisa Bombal, The Literary Encyclopedia (online publication)

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Book Reviews:

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Translation Work:

Translation of radio plays:

Mad for the Love of Old Balconies, (with B. Krichefski) by Mario Vargas LLosa, transmitted BBC Radio 3, 23 October 1989; World Service, 5 November 1989

Kathie and the Hippopotamus, (with B. Krichefski) by Mario
Vargas LLosa, transmitted BBC Radio 3, October 1987

Actors, adapted from a literal translation of Lo fingido verdadero by Lope de Vega, transmitted BBC Radio 3, Spanish Month, March 1983

A Very Good Piece of Work, by A. Skarmeta, transmitted BBC Radio 4, November 1979 The Search, by A. Skarmeta, transmitted BBC Radio 4, 1979.

Translation of short stories:

Macario', by J. Rulfo, transmitted Radio 3, December 1983

'Eisenhower and Tac-a-Tac', by A. Bryce Echenique, transmitted BBC Radio 3, November 1983

Conference Papers:

"This imminenece of a Revelation: a Study of Epiphanies in Borges’s Fiction”, keynote address, Cathedral of Learning, University of Pittsburgh, October 15, 2010

“Borges y yo”, Round table at International Workshop, Van Leer Institute and Hebrew University Jerusalem, 31 May 2010

“Momentos epifánicos en la cuentística de Borges”, International Workshop, Van Leer Institute and Hebrew University Jerusalem, 30 May 2010

“Jorge Luis Borges and the Library of Babel”, discussant Dr John McDade, JS, The Library of Babel/In and Out of Place, Zabludowicz Collection, 29 April, 2010

“Reading the Last Decade”, JISLAC seminar, Hispanic Studies, DELC, University of Edinburgh, National Library of Scotland, 26 March 2010

‘Rumblings from below: fictional footnotes in Borges’, paper given at Washington University, 7 February 2008 and UCLA 11 January 2009

'Digging for hrönir: a second reading of 'Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius‘. Keynote address at the Inaugural Conference , Borges Centre, University of Iowa, April 11 -14 2007

Different Aspects of Humour in the work of Alejandra Pizarnik’, Department of Spanish, Research Seminar Series, UBC, Vancouver, 30 November 2005

‘Cultural Clashes in Alejandra Pizarnik’s Dark Humour’, Association of Hispanists Conference, Valencia, March 2005

‘Panorama de los estudios judíos en el Reino Unido’, Instituto Gino Germani, Universidad de Buenos Aires, October 2004

‘Humour and Magic Realism’, , Conference on 'Genre Ideologies and Narrative Transformation', SOAS, 2003

‘Jewish Voices in Latin American Literature: Gerchunoff, Szichman, Glanz, and Chejfec’, New North London Synagogue, February 2003.

'"Los siglos pasan y la gente sigue escuchando la voz de Shaharazad": Borges and the Arabian Nights', Conference on 'Genre Ideologies and Narrative Transformation', SOAS, 7-9 November 2002

Invited guest speaker, Harvard University, Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies, 1 November 2001

Invited guest speaker, New York University, 7 November 2001

‘Footnotes in and to Borges’ ‘Reescrituras 11: Jorge Luis Borges y la Cultura popular, University of Leiden, 19 May 2001

‘Borges, a postmodernist avant la lettre?’, Hebrew University, Jerusalesm, Congreso Borges, 29-30 November 1999.

‘Borges and Humour’, Instituto Cervantes, London, 30 September 1999

‘Reading Borges’, Canning House, London, 28 April 1999

'The re-invention of Judaism in the work of Borges', Institute of Jewish Studies, University College London, 15 March, 1999

'Uses of Humour in Latin American Fiction', University of California at Berkeley, 28 September 1998

'The Mechanisms of Humour in "El reino de este mundo”' Conference of Hispanists, University of Braga, Portugal, 6 September 1998

‘The construction of “Latin American” identity in painting’, UNL Series on Identity, March 1998

'Reflections on the Jewish Imaginary in the Fiction of Borges', World Jewish Congress, Jerusalem, 30 July 1997; also University of California at Berkeley,10 November 1997

'Lecturas recónditas en las alusiones de Borges', Fundación lnternacional Jorge Luis Borges, Buenos Aires, 15 May, 1997

"'Another Way to Be": Women and Writing in Spanish America', Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires, 14 May, 1997

'Reading Borges', Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires,10 May 1996

'Lecturas recónditas en las alusiones de Borges', Xll Congreso de la Asociacion Internacional de Hispanistas, 22 August 1995.

'Hidden Pleasures in Borges's Allusions', Spanish Society, University of Cambridge, 23 November 1994 and Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies, University of California at Berkeley, 14 September 1995

'Regression, Oppression and Transgression in "La inmigrante" by Armonia Somers', ILAS,19th June 1994

"'The Scorpion's Sting: Countercultural writing in three short stories by Armonia Somers' UCL, 20 March 1993

"'El jardín de senderos que se bifurcan": mito e historia', Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Ecuador, Quito, 25 March 1992

"'Dios anda en los pucheros": feminist openings in the late stories by Rosario Castellanos', Institute of Latin-American Studies, 29 January 1992

'Alfonsina Storni: a new reading of her poetry' Conference on Feminism and Hispanic Literature, Westfield College,1 June 1990

'Magic Realism', conference on Latin American Literature, University of London Extra-Mural Department, Birkbeck College,19th 1990

'New Approaches to Latin American Fiction' Conference of 'The International Baccalaureate Europe', St. Clare's, Oxford, 1988

'Borges and Cabala', Hispanists' Conference, University of Birmingham,1987

'Jewish Themes in the work of Borges', Westfield College, University of London,1987

'The role of allusion in the fiction of Borges: a case study of "Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius", "La muerte y la brújula" and "Deutsches Requiem"', Institute of Latin American Studies,1984.

'Borges: álgebra y fuego', SLAS Conference, Sheffield University April 1982

'A Reappraisal of the Concept of "civilizacion y barbarie" in Sarmiento's Facundo', Hispanists' Conference, Cambridge University, March 1978

'Immigrant Characters in Works of Argentine Fiction', SLAS Conference, Leicester University, April 1976

Conferences and seminars convened:

Seminar series ‘OJO! Latin America and the Visual Arts’ (with Maxine Molyneux), ISA, 2007-8 and 2011

Humour in Latin American Literature, ISA, October 2005

Convenor (with Prof. Eduardo Ortiz, Imperial College, London) of an International Conference on ‘Science and the Creative Arts’, at the Institute of Latin American Studies, March 2001 (Co-editor of Proceedings)

International conference on 'Borges and the European Tradition', at the Institute of Romance Studies, with funding from the Institutes of Romance Studies, Latin American Studies, University College London and The British Academy 24 May 1996 (Editor of Proceedings)

As convenor of Cultural Studies at ILAS,1996-present:

  • Lecture by Santiago Kovadloff
  • round table on Maria Luisa Bemberg's cinema (Argentina)
  • Elena Poniatowska (Mexico)
  • Catalina Bronstein (London, Institute of Psychoanalysts)
  • Marco Antonio Flores (Guatemala)
  • Alicia Dujovne Ortiz (Buenos Aires and Toulouse)
  • Alicia Steimberg, (Buenos Aires)
  • Maria Negroni, (Buenos Aires and Columbia)
  • Diana Sorensen (Wesleyan College, USA)
  • Prof. Edna Aizenberg (Marymount College, USA)
  • Prof. Sylvia Molloy, Albert Schweizer Professor of Humanities, (New York University)
  • Prof. Marjorie Agosín (Wellesley College, USA)
  • Luisa Valenzuela (Buenos Aires)
  • Prof. Rafael Olea Franco, (Colegio de Mexico)
  • Dr. Diana Sorensen (Columbia)
  • Prof. Doris Sommer (University of Harvard)
  • Prof. Martha Canfield (Florence and Venice)
  • Prof. Beatriz Sarlo (Buenos Aires)
  • Prof. Edwin Williamson (Edinburgh)
  • Prof. Alicia Borinsky (Boston)
  • Prof. Efrain Kristal, (UCLA)
  • Dr. Jean Andrews (Nottingham University)
  • Prof. Dawn Adés, (Essex University).
  • Prof. Valerie Fraser (Essex University)
  • Oriana Baddeley (Camberwell College of Arts)
  • Ana María Pacheco

As Co-ordinator of Seminar Series of the Latin-American Special Interest Group at University of North London.

Past guest speakers at Occasional Lectures include:

  • Alicia Dujovne Ortiz, (Buenos Aires and Toulouse)
  • Dr. Alicia Steimberg (Buenos Aires)
  • Dr. María Negroni (Buenos Aires and Columbia)
  • Dr. Amanda Philimore (London and Paris)
  • Prof. Margo Glanz (Emeritus Prof. at UNAM, Mexico)
  • Alan Pauls (Argentina, Editorial Sudamericana)
  • Prof. Santiago Kovadloff (Argentina)

Prof. Daniel Balderston (Tulane), Carmen Boullosa (Mexico).