Seminar Programme

These seminars all address aspects of social inequality, a major theme not only within sociology but across many allied disciplines.


14 November 2012 3-4.30pm

Seminar: What's happened to the sociology of secrecy?

Speaker: Brian Balmer

Location: Anatomy GO4 Gavin de Beer LT

5 December 2012 3-4.30pm

Seminar: Corrupt systems, power networks and informal governance

Speaker Alena Ledeneva

Location: Anatomy GO4 Gavin de Beer LT


25 January 2012, 3-4.30pm

Seminar: The Mission and Potential of the UCL Sociology Network
Location: Roberts 309
Interested colleagues and students are invited to attend and to express
their views

28 March 2012, 3-4.30pm

Seminar: Social structure, inequality and the August riots

Speaker: Graham Scambler

Location: Roberts 309

25 April 2012, 3-4.30pm

Seminar: Theories and models of health inequality

Speaker: Mel Bartley

Location: Roberts 110

30 May 2012, 3-4.30pm

Seminar: `Age': the great equalizer?'

Speaker: Paul Higgs

Location: Roberts 309

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