Dr Jakob Stougaard-Nielsen

  • Lecturer in Scandinavian Literature

    Email: j.stougaard-nielsen@ucl.ac.uk

  • Phone: +44(0)207 679 3178; Internal: 33178
  • Skype id.: jakobsn

    Office: 17 Gordon Square, room 202

  • Office hours: Tuesdays 11-1pm

    Twitter @JakobStougaard

    Blog: http://scancrime.wordpress.com/

Jakob Stougaard-Nielsen


I am currently writing a book about Scandinavian crime fiction and the welfare state for Bloomsbury Academic to be published in 2014.

My research falls within the fields of Scandinavian and Comparative Literature. My main interests are:

  • Scandinavian crime fiction and the welfare state (literature & Society)
  • Hans Christian Andersen and the periodical press (Book History & Publishing)
  • Authorship, Henry James and Visual Culture (Authorship studies)
  • Cosmopolitanism in Nordic literature since 1990 (World Literature)
  • The representation of floods in contemporary film, literature and art (Environment & Culture)
  • Digital media and memory studies

Visit My publications for a complete listing of my publications, and:


I teach courses in the School of European Languages, Culture and Society, the Department of Scandinavian Studies, in the MA programmes in Comparative Literature and European Culture, and in the UCL BASc programme.

In my teaching practice I am finding ways to work with digital literacy, and with various ways in which digital media, social media and distance learning can be used to enhance the learning and teaching experience. Examples of my work with digital learning are:

Public Engagement and Knowledge Transfer

Curriculum Vitae

2010-2012: SELCS Undergraduate Tutor

2010 - : Lecturer in Scandinavian Literature, Scandinavian Studies, SELCS, UCL

2007-2010: UCL Teaching Fellow in Danish, Scandinavian Studies

2007: PhD, Department of Language, Literature and Culture, Aarhus University

2006: Visiting research student at the UCL Department of English

2001-2004: Visiting Lecturer in Danish at the Department of Scandinavian Studies, University of Washington

2000-2001: Lecturer in Danish at Holbaek Teacher's College.

1999: Amanuensis in Comparative Literature at Aarhus University

1998: MA (cand.mag.) in Comparative Literature and English from University of Copenhagen and Aarhus University

1996-1997: Fulbright Fellow at University of Illinois, Chicago

1995: BA in Comparative Literature, Aarhus University