Old and Middle English Literature

From the beginning of the session 2010-2011, the courses of the MA in English: Medieval Literature, as outlined below, will be situated within the UCL MA in Medieval and Renaissance Studies, where students may take the same courses: The Medieval Book, Anglo-Saxon Court Culture, and English and Englishness: The Politics of the Vernacular. For these and the full range of MARS courses available in any one year, please see the MARS website.

(c) British Library Board The Tower of London, author Charles, Duc d'Orléans, Royal 16 F. II, f.73

The aims of these courses is to provide all interested students with an opportunity to study medieval texts and manuscripts from the Anglo-Saxon period to the end of the fifteenth century. The London location, that is to say Bloomsbury’s wealth of manuscript libraries, institutes and LOMERS and other seminars and conferences running throughout the session, make this provision, within the MARS MA, second to none.

The course on the Medieval Book may be studied as a core course. It is conceived to offer students a thorough training in the variety of skills required to read and interpret medieval manuscripts. This core course may be flanked by Anglo-Saxon Court Culture, and English and Englishness: the Politics of the Vernacular, in which students may also specialise in respectively Old English and Middle English, either doing one or the other, or doing both. These two further courses encourage and facilitate a closer reading of the relevant literatures than may be obtained in a BA degree, from which the student emerges with a truly sophisticated appreciation of the cultural history of medieval literature. A wide range of texts and authors, from the nuances of Anglo-Saxon court ideology to the major English if not French and culturally Anglo-French works of the late fourteenth century, will be covered, with particular attention to the international culture in which England was placed throughout the middle ages. The student’s dissertation may be prepared and written with one or more of these courses as its base.

There is also a language course, The History of Old and Middle English, which aims to provide a reading knowledge Old and Middle English, through a selection of Old English poems and Middle English works of poetry and prose.

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