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Radioactive Substances

Radioactive Substances System Project

The Radioactive Substances System (RSS) Project is concerned with the replacement of two database systems that support the management of radioactive substances at UCL and covers: radioactive substances held as stock and the generation, accumulation and disposal of radioactive wastes. The Disposal of Hazardous Waste Service (DHWS) deals with all radioactive waste generated by all sections of UCL using radioactive materials. This involves both the storage and disposal of the waste. The first phase of the Project has been to replace the old database used by the DHWS with something much more reliable

The second phase deals with all the records we are required to keep and will replace an old database used by Safety Services. Among other things these records enable UCL to show that we are complying with the various limits set in the licences, known as certificates, that allow us to use radioactive materials and dispose of waste. The penalties for not complying with these limits can be severe and can include the cessation of work, unlimited fines and prosecution.

As the old systems were entirely separate one from the other, one of the aims of the project was to integrate them and as there are no off-the-shelf products available to support this service and the complexities of UCL the development of a new, integrated system is being undertaken in-house.


  • Support improvements in working practices that can save UCL time and money
  • Provide better integration between Safety Services and DHWS, thus cutting data entry time and improving accuracy which will minimise the likelihood of UCL incurring penalties for failure to comply with the law.
  • Introduce a flexible system that can take account of changes in internal practices, in the types of radioactive substances handled, in disposal contractors and their pricing structures and in the way UCL sites are licensed.
  • Offer client departments access to a small set of functions in which they will record all orders, receipts, uses and disposals of all radioactive stocks.
  • Save the time of all staff involved in the administration of the use of radioactive substances with less time spent handling routine requests, calls and queries.