Susanne Kord: PhD Supervision

Susanne Kord is happy to discuss supervision of doctoral dissertations on pre-twentieth-century ideas of gender and crime (both crime stories and actual cases); popular representations of gender; theatre; women's literature, cultural history and reception; comparative literature with German; any eighteenth- and nineteenth century topic; Hollywood movies, and daring combinations of any of the above.

Tischbein's Goethe in the Campagna Hollywood Sign

Recent and current PhD topics supervised by Susanne Kord:

  • Gender-inclusiveness of language
  • Short story vignettes
  • Aesthetics in Romanticism and modern art
  • Poetological metaphors in Kafka's works
  • Representations of witches in art
  • Extreme theatre
  • Masquerade and Mimicry in Drama
  • Hermaphrodism around 1800
  • Fairy tales by women
  • Eighteenth-century actresses
  • German Colonialism
  • Race issues in literature
  • Women writers as aesthetic theorists
  • Epochs: Enlightenment, Classicism, Romanticism, Naturalism, Expressionism
  • Authors including Freytag, the Brothers Grimm, D. Schlegel, E. Bernstein, B. Brecht, C. Wolf, F. H. Unger, H. Ibsen, G. Hauptmann, A. Stifter, Goethe, Schiller, C. v. Stein

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