ICH Genomics Microarray and High Throughput Sequencing Facility

Operational for over 10 years, the Microarray and High Throughput Sequencing facility at the Institute of Child Health uses the most up-to-date equipment to support your genomic research requirements. 

Highly experienced application specialists offer full support at every stage from optimal experimental design to data analysis. 

We welcome collaborations and can assist with grant applications as well as submitting data.


  • Experimental design, platform selection, extraction techniques, advice on replicates, randomisation and controls
  • DNA, RNA and library QC
  • Sample preparation from RNA or DNA for Microarrays and sequencing
  • Full post run QC returning only good quality data
  • Customised data analysis for Microarrays

    • Gene & Exon level analysis using dedicated software
    • Linkage & homozygosity mapping
  • *NEW* We can now analyse RNAseq data using a standard pipeline supplying a list of deferentially expressed genes between groups.

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