Dr Kevin Inston


Lecturer in French

Research areas: Eighteenth and twentieth-century French literature and thought, especially Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Michel Leiris; autobiographical writing and its links with modern democracy; modern political philosophy, especially the work of Lefort, Laclau, Mouffe and Žižek; twentieth-century theories of the human (Blanchot, Nancy, Derrida, Lyotard and Butler).

Publications include:

Rousseau and Radical Democracy (London: Continuum, 2010)

• ‘Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Ernesto Laclau and the somewhat Particular Universal’, Philosophy and Social Criticism, 2010, 35(5), pp. 555-587 (33)

• ‘Nature as Resistance and Transformation’ in The Nature of the Rêveries John O’Neal (ed.) (Oxford: SVEC, 2008).

• 'Jean-Jacques Rousseau's Post-Marxist Critique of Alienation: a Re-reading through Jacques Lacan and Slavoj Zizek', Philosophy Today, Fall 2006.

• 'Michel Leiris and the Power of Art', Romanic Review, January-March 2004, 95:1-2

• 'Jean-Jacques Rousseau précurseur de Claude Lefort: l’ouverture radicale de l’espace politique', Etudes Jean-Jacques Rousseau, no.14, December 2003

• 'Jean-François Lyotard’s Politics of Difference and Equivalence', Philosophy Today, Winter 2002

• 'A Lesson in Language: Benjamin Constant’s Autobiography' in Shifting Borders, Emily Butterworth & Kathryn Robson (eds.), (Bern: Peter Lang 2001).

'Representing the Unrepresentable: Rousseau's legislator and the impossible object of the people.' Contemporary Political Theory, 9:4.   

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