Dental Public Health Research Overview

In many parts of the world oral diseases remain a significant public health problem being highly prevalent, having a major impact on quality of life and very costly to treat.  Oral diseases are however largely preventable and stark social inequalities exist with oral conditions disproportionally affecting socially disadvantaged groups.  Little research has explored in depth the patterns and causes of oral health inequalities.  An individualised and very clinical preventive approach has dominated oral health policy.  This narrow approach has compartmentalised the mouth from other health improvement initiatives leading to isolation and outdated practices.  A radically different preventive approach is now needed to promote population oral health.

The focus of research for UCL Dental Public Group includes:

  • Exploring the determinants and patterns of oral health inequalities in the UK and internationally
  • Development and evaluation of complex community interventions to tackle oral health inequalities.
  • Development and evaluation of preventive interventions in general dental practices.
  • Development and testing of oral health related quality of life measures
  • Exploring shared aetiological pathways between oral and general health

Research Grants Funded in the last 5 years.